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Ok i been learning about creating your circle. Now my question is do you do that everytime you are going to do a spell and/or like when giving offerings to the gods also. Im curious cause i follow more with neo pagan. I been reading about the gods along with the stuff on this site. Just trying to learn the right way to go about all of it. Im still working on finding my path. Thanks for any advice.


In the days where I was not as focused and know what I was doing from memory, I would always cast a protective circle around anything I did. Now, as long as I’m fairly assured I will not have anyone walking in or interrupting my casting/practice, then I do not cast a circle anymore especially if it’s not baneful, which I rarely if ever do. It’s up to you entirely, but there are tutorials here on it here at Spells8, you can also search under the spyglass :mag: @william19


I agree. I don’t generally do a circle unless it’s “Big doings,” like Drawing Down the Moon, or a spell. For daily rituals I do not.


Hey there William :wave: that’s a great question!

So first, I’d just like to say that unless you’re following a very specific tradition, there’s generally not a “right way” or “wrong way” to practice witchcraft outside of cultural misappropriation, general disrespect, and your own ethics and moral compass.

With that being said, a circle is generally cast before ritual in most Wiccan-based practices. It isn’t something I generally see outside of Wicca, Wicca-inspired, or ceremonial practices. :candle: As an eclectic witch and polytheist, I don’t generally cast a circle in the sense of calling the quarters and elements. I will, however, create sacred space in my own way, calling for protection from my local land spirits, guides, Gods, or ancestors.

I don’t do this every time, though. In fact, it’s pretty rare that I’ll cast a circle :sweat_smile: I think the last time I cast a circle in my own way was on June 1st when I did a small ritual on my back patio to honor the beginning of hurricane season.

In the end, at this point it’s just what you feel drawn to do outside of a specific tradition with specific rules.


You can also get creative and fill that circle or sacred space with your own intention or meaning.

I’ve heard that “If you’re walking holding hands with your husband/wife” you shouldn’t let go off their hand to pass by a column/tree/pole between the two, because that somehow breaks an energy cord.

I try not to be superstitious but sometimes I intuitively counteract that feeling or thought by casting a quick circle around us when there’s a pole in the way.

Sometimes casting a circle happens for unexpected reasons and they’re a good resource to have in your witch’s toolbox.


Greetings @william19!

You’ve got some amazing advice here already- like some of the others, I very rarely use formal circles, but I do like visualizing circles (especially protective ones) from time to time. It’s a quick, easy, and very accessible thing to do that can be done subtly when you’re around other people.

In case you’re interested in digging deeper into circles and the many ways one might use them in magick, I recommend taking a look at the circle magick guide. It’s got great tips for both Wiccan/non-Wiccan witches :sparkles:

Blessed be!


Merry Meet @william19! I am in the same boat as others and tend not to cast formal circles except for specific rituals. I work heavily with Hades and Hel. I cast a protective circle when venturing down into the Underworld to visit either of them. However, this circle is not a formal circle, and more, as Bry described, a visualized circle (I don’t have markers for each direction, etc.).

I am an empath, so I do have a shield on most days. This protects me from absorbing too much of others’ energy, good or bad. I am working now to learn to put a filter on my shield, allowing certain energies through while keeping others out.


Hi @william19,

I may be an outlier, but my current practice is to cast a circle/call quarters before I do any ritual or spell. For me, it’s less about protection and more about helping me to set my focus and intent and carve out that time in my day. To me, calling the quarters is part of a daily check-in with the elements that is important to my practice. It’ much like setting the table of my ritual meal and making sure that I am energetically ready and present for what I am about to do.


You know, I’ve heard this too! What I heard though is that it’s just bad luck, not necessarily anything with breaking energy cords. :thinking:

There are no outliers here because there’s no wrong way of doing things :blush: I think your practice of calling the quarters to keep your focus is a great reason to do it! Honestly, I may have to try it myself one day :sweat_smile: focus and spoons come very rare to me these days.


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