Crow Visit

I was getting prepped for surgery on Monday. The nurse was trying for my 3rd iv stick, she got. When she was done she opened my curtain and i saw him first thing. I said hello and was just drawn to him. He sat there for about 20-30 minutes.

Could this mean anything or be a sign? I did also just start a book: Hekate.

Thanks in advance :smiling_face:


Oh, first, I hope the surgery goes ok. :heartpulse: As for the beautiful crow, and my he’s a beauty. Could be The Morrigan, I know when I had to sort out some past issues when I was just beginning my walk in the craft, alot of crows/ravens came my way. Also could be one of Odin’s birds too, if you’re following a Norse path. I don’t know alot about Hecate. Sending love to you. :heartpulse:


Thanks for the welcome and the response. I’ve not really chosen a path yet.


I hope your surgery goes well, first of all!

Second, I’m a firm believer in the idea that signs and symbols will be personal and subjective to each person. If you feel that this is significant, it probably is! I recommend meditating on the Crow as an Animal Spirit and seeing what happens. Be sure you keep a journal!


Hi :wave: I fall in the realm of… its a personal experience & if you think or feel it may be, then it probably is!

Meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: would be a good place start for sure!

Corvid birds, Ravens & Crows :raven: can be associated with certain deities, though I don’t believe Hekate has one… I could be wrong as I work with Irish Goddeses regularly & at times Gods as well. Norse deities, specifically Odin have a Raven association.

They are associated with spirits of the dead & ancestors, considered messenger spirits, as well as a potential for the will/mind of the witch. They are also a reminder to be aware of your surroundings & the more deeper mysteries of life :hugs:


I hope your surgery goes well! I don’t know much about Hekate, but she’s more likely to send a black dog than a crow.


He’s very handsome! :raven: :sparkles:

If you start to notice more crows and similar signs, then I’d be inclined to think that there is some deeper meaning to explore. Keep your eyes and mind open for any more occurrences as the days pass!

Although whether or not he is “sign”, it sounds like he was there watching over and encouraging you when you needed it, which is powerful too :heart: :blush:

Wishing you all the best with your upcoming surgery, @Cheeky! :pray:


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