Crystal Oracle 🔮

    **Crystal Oracle**

You can create your own crystal Oracle using this working. You can then consult your oracle whenever you need guidance, answers to specific questions, or just a general sense of what to expect on any given day. Select stones for your oracle that you’re familiar with and know the meaning of by sight (or look them up!!). Preferably, they should be crystals you’ve charged under a full moon (or just cleanse them quickly).

Ingredients Needed
1 candle in a holder
1 incense stick
1 soft cloth for casting the stones
Collection of 10 to 15 tumbled crystals & stones
1 bag to hold the crystals

What to do:

  1. Sit at your altar or in your sacred space. Light a candle to establish mood and burn some incense. Lay the casting cloth on a flat surface.

  2. Holding your bag of crystals in your hands, take some deep, relaxing breaths.

  3. Reach into the bag and caress the stones with your fingers while whispering your question out loud.

  4. When it feels right, grab several stones and gently release them onto the cloth. There’s no need to do this roughly; dropping them from just 3 inches above the cloth is fine.

  5. Interpret the stones that have landed on the cloth according to their magical properties.
    Here are some tips:
    • the stone closest to the canter of the cloth is most important. The energy it represents factors strongly into the answer.
    • if two stones are touching, it means two different influences are at play. For example, a rose quartz touching black onyx would mean strife in a relationship.
    • if the stones you selected are all similar colors, consider the magical meaning of this color as a message.
    • if the same stone keeps showing up for every question you ask, it has a meaningful message for you right now in your life. Meditate with this stone or sleep with it near you to understand it’s significance.
    • if a crystal does something specifically to catch your attention, such as rolling far away, falling off the table, or some other strange behavior, it’s sending you a meaningful warning.

In between readings, place your bag of stones on a selenite disk, if possible. Don’t forget to charge your oracle crystals under the full moon whenever you can.

:star2: Taken from Crystals For Witches by Eliza Maybelle :star2:


EEEEEKKKKK I’m going to do this! I’m printing it out for my BOS & it is happening! Thank you so much!


Ohhh , I love this @christina4 I will book make this and print it out for further use. Dont have a huge selection of crystals but I do guess I can use what I have so far.


That sounds good!!! Any crystals would work!!!


Love this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I think this is very accessible as the materials are things that most crystals enthusiasts already have on hand. And if you don’t have tumbled stones, they are popular enough that many stores (physical locations and online) have them in stock for reasonable prices :+1:

A great way to get into divination with crystals! Thanks, Christina :gem::sparkles: