Crystal Spell for Wildlife

This morning as I was doing the obligatory snail rescue from the driveway so nobody gets smushed before I leave for work, I hear the singing call of a wild magpie that loyally comes to visit for her breakfast every morning. I looked up and saw her running across the road to join me and smiled at her and said “good morning to you too. I was wondering if you would come and join me”. She responded with a song. I went inside, got her breakfast, and came back outside to sit with her to throw her some breakfast.

(I know you shouldn’t feed wildlife but she was found on my front lawn about 6 months ago as a baby being attacked by 2 crows, they had ripped all of her tail feathers out and pecked her pretty badly. Mum and I wrapped her up in a towel and rushed her to the vet. The vet said that she would recover, she had some antibiotics and painkillers and we were told to bring her back home and release her and to leave some food and water out in a safe place for her as she won’t be able to fly until her tail feathers grew back. Every morning the crosses the road to come and call for breakfast, we only offer her a very small amount of food and she does fend for herself. I think she may enjoy the company. We enjoy her company too).

Anyway for the first time ever this morning she trusted me enough, or she was impatient enough that she took her food straight from my had before I could throw it to her. She came and sat on my knee! She is such a gentle little creature. Then when she had finished eating she hopped off my knee waddled down the driveway a little before spreading her wings and flying onto the nearest tree and singing another song. It was so lovely to see her back to health again.

I few nights ago I did a crystal spell for wildlife from ‘The Crystal Witch: Magickal way to Calm and Heal the Mind, Body and Spirit’ by Shawn Robbins and Leanna Greenaway with the hope that it may help her in some way. I think that it did! This made my morning!


What an amazing tale- you’ve earned yourself a lifelong friend (and breakfast companion), Jessica! :heart: I have no doubt that your sweet magpie is capable of fending for herself (all thanks to you and your mom for saving her) and is just coming back to visit and check in on her people! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Birds are really smart critters- I hear stories all the time about the things crows and ravens are capable of, and if I’m not mistaken, magpies are in the same corvid family :raven: I’ve been told that if someone messes with one crow, the entire group (a guess it’s technically called a “murder” of crows and perhaps there’s a reason for that :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ) can be out to get them- they are able to communicate pretty complex information from one to another.

I guess what I’m getting at is that you’ve earned yourself a smart, loyal, and loving friend, Jessica! Wishing all the best to you and your sweet Magpie. Do you think you’ll give her a name? :raven: :two_hearts:


That’s so precious :two_hearts::revolving_hearts: I love how your spell came into fruition and your bird friend trusts you!!


@TheTravelWitch @christina4 Thank you both :blush: she really is a beautiful and trusting little soul. I think she does desevere a name. Maybe we could have some suggestions?

Um. It’s funny you should mention a crow. At the daycare where I work… I have kind of adopted a crow. He comes and sits on the fence and eats the children’s afternoon tea scraps. He is a magnificent bird. His name is Russel… haha get it? Boom boom. Russel the Crow. Anyway lately he’s been bringing me gifts and dropping them on the floor near the fence. Lately he’s been leaving me feathers. The black one he pulled out and left when he was preening. And the back and white ones are from an ibis affectionately known in Australia as a “bin chicken”. Which is kind of mean as they are magnificent birds and I always think of Thoth when I see them.

An Australian White Ibis is what they’re called if you’d like to give it a google.

I’m not sure if you’re familar with the English assorted chocolates ‘Quality Sreet’ but he bought me a purple one a couple of weeks ago and left it. Purple is my favourite colour. Smart bird. I’m so gald my co-workers saw him do it because it was almost unbelievable. Goodness knows where he pilfered that from :laughing:


Wow. You’re the bird whisperer! What magnificent creatures! You’re truly blessed to have that interaction with them!


@Amethyst Thank you :blush: I seem to collect animals. I tell you what though. I have never ever been swooped during magpie season. And here is Aus, hooley dooley magpies are vicious when they are protecting thier babies. Apparently. So a lot of people say.


Huh. That’s odd. I’ve heard of magpies attacking to protect their young here in WV. You’re so lucky!


That’s great! So exciting & would have made my day too! I’m an happy you have a lifelong friend now. :blush:


Thank you :blush: She came back this morning and did the same thing!


He’s bringing you chocolate!?! :star_struck: That’s amazing- I’ve heard about crows bringing people shiny trash and pebbles and things, but that really is one smart bird to bring you sweets! Wow, I need to make myself some crow friends! :raven: :laughing: :chocolate_bar:

I’ve heard nightmare stories about magpie season in Australia- I bet your corvid friends spread the word that you’re a nice person and now the local groups know to leave you be in peace :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You really have an amazing bond with birds, Jessica! :clap: :blush: :raven:


Thank you :blush: