Crystals for General Physical Healing πŸ’Ž

Amethyst for reducing migraines, stress, and tension

Rose Quartz for heart health and hormone balance

Hematite for flushing out toxins and bringing strength

Clear Quartz for chronic ailments and amplifying energies

Citrine for fatigue and easing PMS

Aquamarine for the respiratory system and the nerves

Carnelian for cramps and skin irritations

Black Tourmaline for joint pain and easing EMF symptoms

Fluorite for shaking off viral infections

Moonstone for digestive upsets and menstrual problems

Lapis Lazuli for aches, pains, and throat issues

Green Aventurine for its wave like energy and detoxing the organs

Obsidian for encouraging quick healing of cuts and abrasions

Selenite for supporting the bones and spine

Malachite for an immune system boost

Amber for a natural anti-inflammatory

Bloodstone for boosting blood circulation

Howlite for busting stress and encouraging rest

Kyanite for healing light and adrenal gland health

Sugilite for headaches

Chrysocolla for breaking up blockages in the body

:warning: Crystals are in no way a substitute for a doctor’s advise and I am certainly no doctor! :warning:


Whoot! Thank you for this! I need some bloodstone to help the circulation in my legs. Thanks, love!


That’s a great one for dealing with any type of issues dealing with blood.


With bad circulation and high blood sugar, it’ll be a handy stone to have.