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@Amaris_Bane, thank you for the inspiration!

I joined after the above crystal challenge but I’ve since read everything on Spells8 and in the forum about crystals, what a wealth of information! I am now commencing on a crystal journey and would love to take you guys with me! As a green witch I have focused on nature and plant magic, Fae and the wind and soil. Crystals have proven themselves to be a worthy focus for me, but I know the least about them even though I seem to have amassed quite the collection!

As I celebrated Lammas I worked with stones that were said to be associated with Lammas, like carnelian, citrine, aventurine, golden topaz, obsidian, and moss agate. I placed these within my main working altar and held them in meditation. I want to learn how to create a crystal grid for the season - any help would be so welcome!

I sat all my crystals/stones outside and charged them for Lammas in the late summer sunshine. I read that the Moon isn’t the only luminary with magical infusing power as crystals out in the sunlight will absorb solar warmth and vitality. Apparently my stones will hold this energy and continue radiating it throughout fall and winter. I also read that gems like amethyst and larimar (I don’t have larimar) can actually fade with too much Sun exposure. It only takes a few hours in the Sun to cleanse and charge a stone. I’d say it’s NOT TOO LATE to do this cleansing and charging ritual!

Thank you for sparking this passion in me so that I actually begin learning how to use and benefit from Crystal magick and hone my skills. Let’s learn and empower each other! :crystal_ball::purple_heart::woman_in_lotus_position:

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I’m glad my challenge entry and all the posts here inspired you!! Here are a few links related to crystal grids that I have bookmarked:


Thank you again @Amaris_Bane - I am only book knowledgeable about crystals and haven’t practiced near enough! I will review the crystal grid links again.

Do you have a crystal grid you could share or any tips? :candle::purple_heart:


I am huge into crystals. They were really they way I originally came into my spirituality, starting from the first time I felt malachite vibrate in my hand. I spent several years in high school working in a mineral-focused gift shop and led birthday parties about gems and minerals for kids!

The irony is I have all this knowledge but I am very informal in the way I use stones. I always pick them based on which ones call to me at the moment and look up why later (if at all). I cleanse them in dry sea salt in the sunlight (like you said, not for long when it comes to the colorful crystals like amethyst and citrine!) or in the moonlight if that feels right. Again, whatever feels right!

I am a huge sucker for unakite, and just bury me in a mound of labradorite please.

But for fun and experience, I think I’d like to join you in this learning adventure! I wouldn’t mind if I could connect what I know a bit more with the intuition I follow. :smiley:


Yes! I am not a master of crystal or crystal grids yet but I can share what I know from my research so far.

  1. The first step is deciding your intention for the grid. I try to use a single intention such as abundance, but you can use multiple, just make sure that they complement each other such as love and healing.
  2. Location is important. Will it be indoors or outdoors - this affects what crystals are recommended to use as you want to avoid ones that can’t get wet if you do it outside. If inside, think again about your intention. Are you wanting to enhance your dreaming or astral travel? Then under your bed would be a good place. Ideally you want it to be in a place where they will not be disturbed. BUT if the crystals are disturbed, things happen! Simply replace the crystals in their designated areas, reconnect and activate the frid and go about your day. DO NOT be upset.
  3. Think about size. I keep mine small because I’m limited on space. I have made several grids onto wooden circles that are about 5" in diameter that I use as my base. I’ll add pictures when I go to my house at lunch. You can create one small enough to sit on a window sill or large enough to sit comfortably in the middle of for meditation. It is all up to you.
  4. Shape: there are many pre-designed templates out there that you can use if you like, such as the Flower of Life, Tree of Life, or Megatron’s Cube. You can also create spirals, circles, squares, infinity symbols, or whatever you are drawn to create.
  5. Choosing items/crystals for your grid: I like to choose something that represents my intent and put it in the very center of the grid. For abundance, I may put an abundance check (can be found anywhere online) in the middle. For healing, I will put a picture of what I am healing (myself, my pet, friend/family). Then think about what crystals will best suit your purpose. You will most definitely need Quartz Points as these are used to direct the energy flow of your grid. I’ll get more into that in a moment. Use reference books or online searches to find crystals that align with your intention. Keep in mind the shape you choose for the number that you will need of each kind.
  6. Cleansing the space - before you set up the grid, cleanse the space of any negative or unwanted energy. You can use whatever method you like best. I often use sound when I’m doing a grid as I’m just too lazy to light up incense or smudge sticks, lol, and my bell is always handy.
  7. Constructing the grid: Now we are ready to lay everything out. Remember, there is no wrong way of doing this so be creative and follow your instinct. I will give you some instruction for the quartz points.
  • With all the points pointing inward, all of the energy will be directed at the item in the center, or yourself if you did not place anything. This is often used for personal grids such as abundance or personal healing.
    quartz points in

  • With all the points pointing outward, the energy will be sent out, away from the center and you. This is often used in distance healing for friends and family members.
    quartz points out

  • Lastly, if you are creating a grid that you need energy to flow both to you and someone else, alternate the points between inward and outward. This will send energy in to you and out towards the universe. If you want a balance of energy, use the same number inward and outward.
    alternating points

  1. Activation: The last step is to activate the grid. This is the process of connecting the crystal energies with your intent. Below is a picture of activation but here are the steps: using a single quartz point or your want as the activator, state your intention out loud, while holding the point/wand over the center crystal. Move the it down to the 1st crystal making up the outer circle, over to the second crystal and back to the center, making sure you go over any crystals that are in the inner circles in the process. Starting the in the center, go back out to the second crystal, over to the third, and back to the center. Continue this pattern until you have completed a full rotation. Once you have completed the rotation, state your intention once more.



I thought that was the case that you are into crystals - that’s why I wanted to leave you a stone at Smilow Cancer center! And I’m very happy we will learn more together! YAY

I am going to put together a Crystal grid for healing and a separate one for the season. I feel like this is the gateway ‘drug’ to learning crystals. I may try to experience a couple of different want tipped crystals and also get a different crystal ball. I currently have two but they are built from glass I believe…. I think the couple of spells I’ve done in the two challenges here have benefitted immensely from the use of crystals so it is very encouraging! I look forward to learning from you and every one else! :feather:


These are all great points - I think I’ll work on a BoS journal specifically for my crystal journey and put all your questions and leading decisions into it to get to the end result. Now that you say it, i think an outdoor grid would be great for my seasonal crystal grid. Now I’m really thinking @Amaris_Bane! :green_heart:


Yes! A lot of green witches will put them in their gardens for abundance.

They can be elaborate:

Picture from Scared Light

Or simple:

Picture from Ethan Lazzerini

Now you have me thinking about seeing if there is one to bring rain. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Ok so this one is epic, I feel like I have to do one of these - you are awesome @Amaris_Bane, this one gives me all the feels! :green_heart:


I can see you’ve got some sage advice from some very talented crystal users! I love crystals but I still don’t consider myself to be a crystal expert- so I’ll just be watching along and learning too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just wanted to say I love your enthusiasm and am cheering you on on your crystal journey, @jan_TheGreenWitch! :tada::gem::sparkles:

(Also that meme is A+++ :joy::+1:)

Lots of love and many blessings!