Daily Affirmation 🦪

Message to self:

“I live my life to experience, to explore,

to learn and to grow. My life can’t be

measured by possessions, money,

status or how others perceive me.

I am me and I am fully aware of that.”

~ Lukas Notes


That’s good bc I don’t have any money :moneybag: :money_with_wings::heavy_dollar_sign::money_mouth_face::rofl::joy::rofl:


I’m learning this & retaining this much better than in past years. I’m learning to appreciate what I have & how we got here too.

(I also don’t have this thing called money… it’s an elusive part of life for me :joy:)


When our time here runs up and we move on to whatever comes next, material treasures and wealth are left behind along with the perceptions of others and any social status we achieved.

All we have left is the ‘stuff’ inside- experiences, memories, emotions, and the challenges we overcame. Perhaps these things are the true ‘treasures’ in life! :sparkles:

A lovely and thought-provoking affirmation! Thanks Christina :sparkling_heart: :blush: