Daily Rune Draw & Increasing Connection

This is my personal draw for Thursday, December 2, 2021.

As the coven :infinite_roots: knows, I recently started learning & working with the runes each day & each day I feel that my connection gets a little stronger with them. Especially the more I learn & the more I write my findings on meanings, associations, and the like. Now that it’s been about a week, not enough time for me to draw each rune, but enough for me to be comfortable with the sources I’m using to learn what they have to tell me & then use a regular format journal to record anything I can about the rune & my time with it throughout the day.

My Rune Draw & Interpretations

  • Energy throughout the day to pay attention & watch for/feel

I mixed the runes & blew into my pouch. Then I mixed them again & drew the rune for the day.


I drew this rune yesterday too! It’s a very positive rune that points to the end of hard work & possibly difficult times & a new beginning. A complete cycle, physical/mental/spiritual enlightenment or awakening or awareness. Great things are happening & to enjoy the rewards & gifts from all of the perseverance & strength & pushing forward.

Since I drew it yesterday also, I wanted to draw another rune for some extra clarity or clarification of the duplicate draw.


Also a positive rune associated with rebirth & regeneration & new beginnings. Strong family relationships & with friends. A strong positive outside influence around you & to accept their assistance.

My feeling towards today is good, that I am at the end of cycle & all of the situations that I have gone through have given me the lessons I need to grow & move forward on my path. So far the beginning of that path is really nice.

Having a pretty good rune draw this morning & getting started on my regular daily activities, I checked my email. I noticed 1 that had the word Rune in the Subject from The Moon Reading :full_moon: website, the only thing I can think of is that when I did my challenge a couple of weeks ago for my moon reading the phase of the moon that I was born under, I had to enter an email address to get the reading :thinking: & that’s how I wound up on their email list. The readings are FREE though.

I opened the email & it was a “Moon Rune” 3 Rune reading. (I’m assuming that they are called Moon Runes to relate them to the website or maybe that’s just what they call them :woman_shrugging: because the names & images are Elder Futhark?) I never asked for this particular reading, I’m sure the email list is also auto-generated, but since its awfully interesting that I had to draw the 2nd rune today & had mentioned clarity… a basic 3 rune reading seemed to be the next logical step, except that I am still learning the runes & pulling them 1 at a time & twice have done the 2nd rune. So I was more than intrigued.

The following is the reading from the email I received from Jeremy at the Moon Reading website/email list.

Past — Wunjo

The Rune in your past position is Wunjo, the Rune of Joy.

Wunjo is one of the runes that hold the great forces of creation, and creative potential. Also known as the “Rune of God,” Wunjo appears when you are enjoying the fruits of a recently perfected work that holds all of the vision and success of your higher calling.

As this personal project reaches completion, allow yourself to feel the bliss and satisfaction of great accomplishment, and share this positive energy with others. Your hard work will pay off.

Wunjo also appears to offer you protection and carries the magic power of blocking disruptive energies from destroying your sense of peace.

Present — Uruz

The Rune in your present position is Uruz, the Rune of Determination.

When Uruz is cast in this position it symbolizes the forces that are at work in your life now.

Uruz is connected to the ancient ox Auroch from Norse mythology, who was so mighty that the greatest warriors tested their strength by battling with him to see if they were truly prepared for combat.

This rune arrives to remind you that you need to take on the strength and determination of this mighty, ancient ox, and be unwavering in your will.

Something is testing your resolve. You may have felt the temptation to give up or throw in the cards, but this rune urges you to stay strong.

Uruz appears when you need the extra power to rise to meet the challenges that you are facing, and bestows you with the strength and vitality that you need.

Future — Ehwaz

Finally, the Rune in your future position is Eihwaz, the Rune of Forward Energy and Movement

Ehwaz is represented by the Horse and encomposses swift, directional energy, travel and change.

In this position, Ehwaz indicates a sudden shift or alternation in the course of events is on the horizon for you. This could be an upcoming trip, a change in a relationship or unexpected personal development.

But do not fear this change, because it will be a positive one.

Ehwaz indicates that you are on the correct course, that you are seeing things clearly. You are aware of your potential and the challenges that lie ahead, and you know you can conquer them.

Ehwaz is also a Rune of Banishment, so you can use its power for cleansing your home, and as a talisman for transformation.

Even this surprise reading that I got really goes along with the runes I have been working with since last week & the 2 from today. Everything is going where it should be & I’m able to move forward easier. This coincides with the last “Seeking Clarity” tarot reading I had done last week the day before I started working with the runes. :star_struck:

The connection I feel with these runes is something that I haven’t felt either in a really long time or ever. :heart_eyes: I have tarot decks that I definitely have connections with, but they are nothing like this at all. :dizzy: :star2:


That’s great that you’re connecting with them! I’m going to give it a go again once I’ve finished my tarot poems.


That’s awesome! Runes are a different kind of feel from Tarot or Oracle even. Runes for me, always seem a bit more deep, lol. I am not sure if its the connection with them or just them.
It’s funny, and maybe I’m not only one here that thinks or imagines this…But my Tarot, Oracle, and Runes all have an almost human image/personality to them for me. My Tarot is a mystical middle aged lady, My Oracle deck is a much older woman with a more matter of factly tone, and my Runes are received as an older man with a scruffy beard and rough tattered hands. Idk why they appear to me as this, but I sense my plants have personalities as well… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


That’s interesting, I feel a personality from them but not a physical trait to go with them. I understand what you’re talking about & since I do something very similar, I’m going with there are others too :joy:

I get excited as I learn things & become more in tune to different aspects of my practice. I’ve come to another point where I need to go through what I have & let go of what isn’t something I connect with or I have grown apart from them or enhanced how I use it.

Man …I’m babbly tonight. Lol :rofl:


I love drawing runes! Once you get it, it sticks with you. Just like learning tarot or any other divination…once it’s not scary and being put off, it’s like ’ why haven’t I don’t this sooner’ kind of thing!

Thank you so much for keeping up with the runes and keeping us updated! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray::parrot: