Daily Tarot Contest for Saturday Spread

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the weekend. So, this is the spread for Saturday:

Please note that this is a contest for fun. So, no sharing of interpretation of your spread requires. Just share a picture of your of your spread to enjoy this contest contest.

I wish everyone to participate because we are almost in the end of our contest. Tomorrow will be the last day of contest. So, enjoy weekend tarot spread and I will announce the name of champions on Monday.

Happy Weekend everyone. @anneshakargupta

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This is my spread for today:

Happy weekend everyone @anneshakargupta


That’s a beautiful deck!!! Thanks for joining in with us :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My Saturday reading… I am so new at this if anyone has insight you are welcome to send it privately.


Alrighty y’all here’s my spread however I haven’t interpreted it yet since I’m having some trouble reading intuitively at the moment and lack the motivation to reference my guides. If someone would like to read them I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Lol

The emperor
Knight of swords
King of cups
Queen of swords

I did find it interesting that 3 of them are seated on thrones and one is a member of the royal courts. All very high on the social ladder. Not sure if it means anything but definitely interesting :woman_shrugging:t3:


here is my Saturday reading. I used the Moonology Oracle cards by Yasmin Boland.
-many blessings


@moonshadow I am drooling over your tarot cloth. I love fun bright colors with my space as you can see with my main altar cloth that I use when I have enough space but it usually goes on my permanent altar when I can have it set up. So to incorporate the beautiful color in my travel altar I use brightly colored bandanas instead be t that one makes me wanna dance if I didn’t feel like :poop: :rofl:


@phoenix_dawn I love these colors too! They bring me a feeling of happiness. I believe I found it at Hobby Lobby, it also is a bandana.


Thanks @christina4

Thanks for sharing it @SharonD I sent you a message privately. Good luck.

Thanks @phoenix_dawn what a nice deck you have!

Thanks @moonshadow You have a very nice deck.

Hope to see you all for tomorrow’s spread which will be our last spread for this contest. Happy Tarot week.


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