Daily tarot reading

Is there a free tarot read daily section


Hello there is a daily draw.

Is this what you are looking for?


There is a Freebie Friday that the lovely and talented @MeganB does each Friday from like 9 to 5. She is great, and really gives you some awesome insights.


Hello Michael!

Just jumping in to second what has already been said- Phoenix is right on about the daily single draw spread. That is a great place to check a daily card drawn for the coven (or share your own, if you feel called to do so!) :flower_playing_cards:

And I second Amethyst’s suggestion of looking out for Freebie Friday. Megan is a very talented tarot reader and will draw a card for anyone who asks during the reading period on Friday. If you have a question on your mind, it’s worth stopping by then to have a reading done! :sparkles:

Another option is to post your question or request in the forum and leave it open to anyone who is willing and able to read for you. There are many talented readers around- not only in tarot, but skilled in other various methods of divination too. You’re welcome to request and see who comes your way! :crystal_ball:

Blessed be :candle:


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