Daily witchy / pagan routines

So lately ive been feeling a bit disconnected and trying to reconnect and figure out things i can do daily to connect and ground and infuse my path amd practice into daily life. Im not talking about big things, like holding daily ceremonies or big spells everyday but just the little things even stuff that can be done as part of mundane life like drinking coffee or herbal tea. But i have so many thoughts and yet cant pull something tangeble together in my head and i know there are some things i do, little things that uve been doing daily like drawing Algriz rune on pillow with lavender pillow mist or on my arms before bed and in morning with moisturizer cream. Ive been watchung some videos to see if can get ideas. I also know i need to do more self care things and i want to include my practice in that as i know its something Freya has pointed out in the past.

I just wondered maybe if i asked ( if ppl are willing to share) what things they do each day to connect to path amd practice or deities and spirit guides etc and nature.

Maybe with other peoples suggestions or ideas on what could do might be able to figure out what i could do to better connect during daily routines. Also i figure even if been on path a little while and at a point of reevaluating my practice or reconnecting i guess. A check in post ( like when your hikibg you try find sign posts to make sure your still heading in right direction n not wondered off the path you were on). But also this discussion might help others who are just starting out and are new and still figuring it out. It is good to know that can incorporate pagan or witch practices or spiritual practices such as connecting to spirits, deities and guide and ancestors etc into daily life without it being extravagant or big.
I just thought maybe asking what others do in their daily life to connect to practice snd path might help not only me, but others who may be trying to figure out how to fit tgat into their daily lives. Esp when things get busy. It was just a thought. So i thought maybe its worth asking. . Its completely fine if thats too personal to be discussed here and people dont feel confortable so please let me know if im out of place by asking. But if it is ok and ppl are happy to share or discuss then maybe others who are wondering or trying to figure it out might benifit from me asking the question. And any feedback or suggestions are appreciated. I hope that made sense.


@Phoenix_Fire I think this is very appropriate and it is exactly how I’ve been feeling. I have managed to the Coffee spell for motivation almost everyday, although the breathing in the aroma part doesn’t always happen.
I put the Daily Blessing (please forgive if I didn’t call it right) right where I could see and would absolutely do it every morning and I think I managed 2 or 3 days in a row and 1 random day.
I suppose anyone that has always had it together might have the If you don’t like something about your life change it point of view. I have been told that more times that I can count. My thought to that is I know, that’s what I’m saying. I don’t how do I do that. But I’m thinking there are more that have either have figured out how to get a good fire going or at least a nice little flame.
Hopefully there is at least one person here that understands what we mean and how small the steps need to be.
I truly wish that I has suggestions and be able to say I’ve been there but I’m right here with you and I desperately hope somebody has some ideas that will help us know how to be able to turn this little spark into a flame that we can get going :hugs: :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Phoenix_Fire I just edited that to something that hopefully makes my thoughts a little more clear. I went over it, there were incomplete thoughts and typos and even I couldn’t understand it


Thats ok that may not have answers right now, i appreciate your response so much because even if you dont have suggestions youve let me know im not alone, we’re not alone. This is an awesome community and very supportive. Im glad to be apart of it and maybe as the discussion progresses we might all get something from it. :bouquet::cherry_blossom::blossom::sunflower::rose::heartpulse:.
Dont feel bad if cant do something everyday, life can get busy and crazy and sometimes we can get caught up the the rush of life and not realused we havent done something. Its something we all deal with so pleaee don’t feel bad if dont do something everyday. The point is your trying and thats good enough. You are good enough. I hope that made sense. We can have people make us feel we have to get everything done in all areas of life and make us feel not good enough if we dont. We are not superheroes and even they need to rest… Its something i am just learning. Just know its ok.


Thank you so much for that. And I don’t always get my thoughts out right sometimes not even all of my thought and it’s even worse now but I almost always see what other people mean and not what they write.
Part of my problem is I expect myself to be able to do everything I think I should. To me that’s being the perfect wife and Mother, put together emotionally and physically every day, be able to do everything anyone needs, be the
Mom that does a full breakfast spread ready when everyone gets up every morning, the kids always picture ready and totally fine with it, play with them all the time, take them to the park and for walks everyday and having fun nutritional lunch and snacks and doing everything to make sure that they are the happiest any child has been, keep the house perfect and have a perfectly made dinner that is following the dietary needs catered to medical conditions of 3 people that is exactly what they all need and that everyone will love every night. And do all the prayers and spells and such that I want to do


One thing I have done since I started practicing is doing things in three. I will stir my coffee or tea thrice, clockwise way to attract something, or counterclockwise way to banish something. For dinner, I will say a small prayer, asking a deity to bless the food that I’m about to eat. A 10 minute meditation, lighting a colored candle that corresponds to the day, sitting outside or going for a walk is a great way to start the day (or end the day). I might even do some research on a herb, a crystal, or a deity. Even reading your daily horoscope is something small that you can make a part of your daily witchy/pagan routine.


I started something about 2 weeks ago and it has really helped me out. When I get up in the morning I get my coffee and go to my altar. I have some candles that take 30 minutes to burn which is perfect for me. I light some sage, inscense, 2 tealights and my 30 minute candle. Sometimes I journal and sometimes I just sit and be still. I take a bay leaf and write what I want to improve on, or what I’m thankful for. I light it with the 30 minute candle and drop it in my cauldron. I don’t leave my altar until my 30 minute candle burns out.I think just being still the first thing in the morning helps me.


I don’t have a solid answer for you with my own routine because it’s in the process of switching up. Life got really busy and things sort of fell apart with my own routine, but I’m doing my best to follow my own advice. :sweat_smile: What I have to share with you right now is actually a video I did on YouTube about this specific thing!

You can find it here if you’d like to watch it → How to Create Your DAILY Witchcraft Practice || make a daily practice that works for you [CC] - YouTube

Whenever I get a routine back, I’ll come back and answer your question again!


Thanks for sharing that video, it helped to get some ideas togetger and to know that even if something works for other ppl its ok if cant do that but can find sometjing that fits my day or my schedule. :bouquet::cherry_blossom::blossom::sunflower::rose::heartpulse:


So reflecting on a few things shared and picked up from videos i realised maybe i was already doing some things that didnt realise was a part of my practice because in the rush of things i hadnt stopped and thought about why i was doing something. So i decided one thing that might help me ve more mindful is to try be conscious of intentions and putting intentions into things, like when put essential oil into washing that was a part of herbal magic to cleanse and protect clothing and thibgs around house. But id get so caught up in all i needed to do that i was doing it still but forgetting why or not being conscous or mindful of why and putting that intention in as i did it.

I also looked at my list from the ecclectic challenge and looked at what sinple things i could include from each element i came up with this
Air: burning incence( carefully because of asthma lol)
Fire: candke magic or meditation or simply lighting a candle
Water: tea magic and also using essential oils in oil diffuser which also includes air
Earth: crystal magic and meditations.

This led to establishing an altar in the room ive been sleeping in as id been sleeping on my lounge due to heat and fan dying. And other room has aircon ( where i have the lounge).
I dont use the tv so it just sits there, it was donated to me and ive used it now and then but not really so much these days. Maybe just dobt have time or maybe if i watch tgings its on phone i dont know. it just a part of my home and i guess it kinda makes me look normal?? If soneobe cones in lol … But i thought the outside would be great to put my deity cards even if the tv itself not in use. . Maybe if did use it i could use it to put on video of a fireplace or ocean or waves etc or nature meditation video of some sort. I think ive played youtube on there before. Maybe even a shamanic journey or sonething lol i dont know, but for now its just something in backgroynd of altar holding deity cards. And if pushed tv back had more room at front. So that led to setting up an altar that can use daily. And has the 4 elements and deities represented on the altar.
This sets up a focal point and easy access to candle, incence, oild diffuser and crystals as well as divination cards are on shelf below. I drew a rune card to put in card holder and low and behold it was the one ibe neen using on bed and body the algriz rune. Cool. I also had some plants from ikea my parents had in storage for ages and didnt want . They also went on the altar. Not real ones but still a representation of earth and also created a nature space. I had the dried flowers alreafy in back so they framed the altar. I now have a set place to go to practice and space on floor to sit in front of altar.

Now ive got a space and a few ideas where i can start with daily practice it does help a little. I can make a herbal tea or coffee and got sit in front of altar. And the altar itself is not being doubled up as a desk to work at which previous altar had was being used as at least part for work. But this will be solely for pagan/witch/deity practices and connection. Though its close to my bed ( makeshift one) its still for me to sit infront of it ( the altar) has an intention to engage with practice and clan. Even in small ways at first. Even if my regular practice is just those few things for a while. I would like to add maybe reading or listening to audiobook on pagan, witch or deity topics. So that learning more. Even if just a little each day. The energy in resr of house may feel a bit chaotic with bits of this ans bits of that but this space though a part of a larger room with a bit of that mix n match feel, it feel like this space has a protection round it that helps it feel like this space is just that, for pagan and witch practice and working with deities/spirits etc.
Its a start at least so thats good to feel ive got a way forward. I might even draw a card and place on altar like card of day. I can then the next day replace in deck and draw another card to plave on altar…its a thought.


I love this post! Most of my craft is small, little things that I try to do as often as I can!

I start each of my week days with a shower and try to do a shower meditation. It looks different every day, but usually involves some gratitude, some positive self talk, and some prayer.

I am working on some visualizations for my skin care routine/make up… but I’m not there yet! I do have some amazing ocean mineral lotion that I put on daily and breathe in the scent of the sea. (it’s called Inis in case anyone needs to know!) It’s very seawitchy!

I do the coffee spell for motivation every single morning. We have a keurig, so the time that the water is heating and the coffee is brewing, I use that time to breathe and think about what I want to accomplish for the day.

I use my breathe app on my watch and try (doesn’t always happen…) to take a moment for a mini meditation any time it goes off.

I try to take a few minutes each day to go outside and just appreciate nature and the elements. It doesn’t always happen, but I try.

I try to either light a candle or run a diffuser each evening while I take some time for me. I may crochet, or read, or write, or spin or study. It’s just time for me.

I am working on learning tarot, so I am attempting to pull a card each day, but it’s new and I’m not really consistent yet!



At night, i pull a tarot card for advice for the upcoming day, i record my thoughts about what it is telling me and place the card on my altar.

Each morning, I get up and say prayers to my deities at my altar
Isis - I give thanks for the healing she provides and I ask her to wrap her golden wings around me, healing me physically and mentally
Osiris - i give thanks for the opportunities he gives me for prosperity and abundance and ask him to keep my loved ones who have passed on safe and happy
Horus - i thank him for his strength and protection and ask for his courage and determination to solve problems and over come the day’s obstacles.

I make my coffee and stir it clockwise, chanting that it be blessed with positivity, prospertity, good health and happiness. I do this throughout the day with any drink i make.

I do an oracle pull in the morning and record its meaning. I place the card on my altar, along with my tarot card.

In the evening after work, i light a candle on my altar for each deity and on somedays will light a sandalwood incense cone as an offering.

I complete my journal of my cards, reflecting upon how their messages linked to my day. I then draw my tarot again for the upcoming day. What follows is a 10-15 meditation, either deitiy based or linked to my own mental health and mindfulness.

Before bed, i thank my deities for being with me today and extinguish my candles with a stick of cinnamon.

Other activities will depend on what is going on e.g. the need for a spell or magickal work, sabbat, esbat etc but this is generally my daily routine.

Hope this is of some help

Blessed be



I love this! You have added a really unique spin on your daily practice and created a neat and calming structure. Thank you for sharing this :hugs:.



That was such an amazing video @MeganB thanks for sharing it! :purple_heart::purple_heart: I can tell that you spent a lot of time creating it!


Hi @Phoenix_Fire,

You’ve already got some wonderful ideas and suggestions from the coven- there are some really great ones here! :grinning:

If I can second/offer up a few more, here are some little things I like to do to “tap into” my practice throughout the day:

  • Say the affirmation “today will be a good day”- ideally when you first wake up, but anytime you say it can help give a boost of good energy

  • Hold a talisman/spell pouch/spell jar/ lucky charm and feel its energy for a few moments

  • Stir in blessings when you make a cup of tea (or coffee)

  • Take a moment to appreciate something in nature- it might be spotting a flower, opening the window to break fresh air, or even how the sun makes shadows on the floor

  • Draw a simple energy or protective circle with your finger

  • Say thank you to your deity or the Universe- you don’t even have to specify what for if you’re having a hard time. Just a simple, open and honest “thank you” goes a long way

Wishing you all the best as you figure out a daily routine/daily connection practice that works for you.

Blessed be and Happy Equinox! :sun_with_face:


@Phoenix_Fire I find I do more than I think I do also and you hit the nail right on the head- intention. Lots of things are magical when we have intention. That is why watching our words and thoughts are so important (my current reminder to myself).

Your space looks beautiful!


I’m just echoing that thought here, too :heart: I’ve been through so many different times where I feel disconnected from everything going on around me. For me, it tends to come from not living my days with mindfulness. I know that I can’t possible live every single moment in mindfulness. My brain isn’t capable of that right now with everything that I have going on. But when I start to lose track of the days, the weather patterns, and the seasons – that’s when I feel the most disconnected. It was really bad for me for a while after I first moved to Florida because the seasons are so different. I’m finally getting the hang of it, and I have even started honoring the local seasons rather than just those days on the Wheel of the Year. (I have a podcast episode about that if you wanna listen lol)

Oh goodness, Nixi, just reading all of that makes me exhausted :sweat_smile: I wish I could be that person sometimes, too. I hardly ever have the brain space to make myself breakfast, let alone my daughter. Granted, she’s about to turn 10 and she’s fully capable and willing to make her own breakfast now, but I have more days than not when I just don’t have the mental energy. You’re definitely not alone!

You’re very welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad it was able to help you – even I go back to my own advice all the time to try and figure things out. My life doesn’t always work well with routines, especially when I can’t get myself out of bed as early as I would like. But when I do, I have several main things that I like to do as part of my daily routine.

I like to sit in bed with my coffee, pull a card for the day, and do some journaling. This is usually nothing very elaborate, just some thoughts on the card and where my head is for the day. I also like to do meditations on Insight Timer. I also try to get outside for at least 10 minutes a day in the sun to feel the warmth on my skin and just exist as part of nature.

Ohh I’m so guilty of this, too! I either get so busy because of life or I get in my own head a lot because of ADHD that I have to try very hard to focus on what I’m doing as I’m doing it. Otherwise, as you said, I end up doing things without really thinking about them. For me, that defeats the purpose of doing small magical acts every day. When you do them without thinking, you often forget that you’re doing them in the first place and then you feel stuck or in a rut.

I think the space you created around your TV is beautiful and suits your needs just right. :clap: Your idea of using the TV to play meditation sounds or nature landscapes is perfect, too, because it’s something you can turn on while you’re at the altar to give yourself something to listen to and build more of a connection with!

Umm yes, I need to go look this up right now :ocean: :laughing: I think that would be a great addition to my own skincare routine!

Oh, thank you so much for watching it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I spend quite a bit of time on my videos and it makes me really happy to know that they help and are appreciated!


Thank you, that really does help


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