Daughter heard a voice she thought was mine

edit I posted this awhile after she actually went to bed and when I started typing this.

I just tucked my 8yo daughter in probably 15 minutes ago.
Upon shutting off her light and closing her door, my cat Kronik was sitting in the hallway. Door shut, I acknowledged him by saying, “Hello Papa’s. Yesss, I see you too buddy.”
Not even a second or two after, she opens the door with a look of utter confusion and looked a little spooked. I asked her if she was okay and she proceeded to say to me that she heard me say Hello Papa’s. But. (Her words)“I won’t be dealing with your shit soon…” following his greeting. In a crying voice. That sounded just like me.
She look frightened.
I hugged her in close and I told her what I actually said, assured her that I love Kronik. As for the voice she heard, we grabbed incense and told all negative energies that they are not welcome and that this house is protected and stands firm with each other, be gone!


That’s great! When I was a kid, my mother did the flaming blue sword to cut these energies.

The sword comes down in front of your third eye, heart and solar plexus creating a power grid and it gives protection from all that does not serve your highest good. :blue_heart: For example:

“I am receiving the full power of the blue flame. Power, protection, strength are my allies now and always. I am cleansed. I am purified. I am safe. I am the blue fire.”