Dealing With The Divine ~ Selene & Moon Art

So for our weekly challenge, I decided to look more into Selene, as I had been feeling pulled to learn more! My journey into my craft started with moon rituals, and I’ve always been an “oh wow look at the moon” kind of person.

There were a few surprising things I read that made me smile bc of the likenesses to my life:
• Selene’s Roman name is Luna (my art business is called Love of Luna)
• Her powers include instinct, creativity, femininity and luck (all huge parts of my life)
• She is associated with the willow tree (I grew up playing in “mother willow” in my grandparents backyard, and just painted a willow tree in art therapy last week)
• Selene fell in love with a human, who Zeus gave eternal sleep, where she came down and watched over him everynight (I have an uncanny ability of loving people who I have to love from afar, and who I am very protective of)
• A few things I read also credit her as mother of the vampires (another of my lifelong interests)
• She was called the patron of solutions bc she was in charge of dreams & would give solutions while people slept (one of my favorite phrases is “let’s live in a solution, not the problem”)
• Selenes weakness was fear of abandonment, and due to this had a hard time staying faithful to men/gods (that just speaks for itself)
• No one knows what color her hair is, but its remembered as many different colors (mine changes quite often lol)
• Her “symbol” is the crescent moon, but encompasses all phases of the moon (another of my favorite subjects in my art, phases of the moon)
• there were SO MANY more similarities, but I dont wanna drag on forever

All in all, everything I read and watched, I felt more and more in sync with Selene. I’m grateful this challenge presented itself when it did, bc it pushed me into doing the research I’ve been meaning to do! I’m going to start reaching out, making offerings and attempting to establish a connection with my first deity.

I mentioned one of my current art projects, here it is. Partial acrylic & oil painting, with an acrylic pour moon. It’s still in its infancy, as I’m working on quite a few commission pieces, so my pleasure painting gets done in tiny increments!


@haley this is so beautiful! I’d definitely say there’s a connection! I didn’t know she was the mother of vampires, I’ve always been into them, too! Thanks for the info and again, you created a magical piece!


Wow! You found so many different ways to connect to your Goddess!!

I feel that Selene has such a nurturing energy, protective and uplifting! Cheers to that! :clinking_glasses: :crescent_moon:


Through the various conversations here in the forums I’ve been learning bits and pieces about Selene- and you were able to find even more knowledge about this lovely moon goddess, @haley! :full_moon::sparkles: You have so many connections with her- it sounds like she has been tied to your life for a long time now, just waiting for you to find her! :dove:

Your painting is GORGEOUS already- the blend of colors is so pleasing to look at. I know it’s a work in progress, but it’s already coming along so nicely! Please feel free to share a picture when it’s complete- I would love to see it (but I understand if it’s a commission and you can’t post the final piece!) :art::paintbrush: Wishing you and your art business all the best- you are one very talented witch! :sparkling_heart:


Thank you all :black_heart:

@TheTravelWitch I was just thinking that I may put a topic up later this week with some more of my art. I’m starting a chakra series as well. (I cannot keep my attention on one painting, I usually have 4-5 in progress at once.) This moon painting is not a commission, I will have it in my house when its finished, so I will definitely share the completed piece!


Wonderful job and great connection. Im happy for you that you have a great collection and connection with Selene!

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I would absolutely love to see more of your art, @haley! :heart: And I’m so happy to hear that- I can’t wait to see the finished piece! :clap: :heart_eyes:

Seeing your artwork and talking about painting gave me such a boost of motivation that I was finally able to sit down and take out my watercolors for the first time in weeks :art:. Thank you, you are inspirational! :two_hearts: