December 13th Daily Affirmation

Message to self:

"When things are meant to happen,

they align so naturally it’s undeniable.

What’s meant to be is falling into place."

~ Shawn Fontaine


This is so true for me right now. Everything is falling into place, right now it’s the preparation stage & I am paying attention & doing the hard work. I want to be ready for what is to come.


Talking about myself here. Sometimes you rush things to happen, but is not the right moment and circumstances. This lesson I learn it almost a couple of years ago, as a member of Padmasanbhava Buddhist Center. It helped me to not commit mistakes in my life.
Now sometimes we; generally speaking, have to discern the situation, some situations keeps on going on in our life. It is said that this are lessons that we haven’t learned from our passed lives, and keeps on repeating in our present, so it can be master.


I can relate. Looking back when I rushed things, I was not ready, not would I have appreciated them. It was the journey getting there that I am most greatful for. That is were the true magic lies.