December 7th Daily Affirmation

Message to self:

“No matter how uncertain a situation

seems, a light from within me always

guides me to the other side.”

~ Shawn Fontaine


I really resonate with today’s affirmation! For years, I’ve been feeling stuck! Physically and emotionally. Lately, it’s been getting worse. Coming here, to Spells8 is my light at the end of the tunnel! I truly appreciate each and every one of you!


We love you too @christina4! Your daily affirmations make my day! I hope you’re able to move soon, that would be good for you!


Thanks love! There’s been a couple reasons why I haven’t moved yet. My mother moved in with me due to health problems and she was living alone.
My son sprained his ankle. I had nobody to watch the kiddos, at the time. And there’s covid :pensive: I’m hoping to move in the spring, if all is well.

It makes me satisfied knowing I made someone’s day! Especially the wonderful Kasie! :sparkles::yellow_heart::sparkles:


I’m trying to keep the light in my sights. I really am, some days it’s really dim. I find it though by then end of the day. Today it’s there, but not as bright as it once was, I hope it gets brighter soon.

I’m stuck in a one step forward and three steps back type of feeling. I’m pushing through, even when it feels like waist deep mud.


I hope you find someplace safe for you all in the spring then!

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Right on the mark… love it. Thanks for sharing @christina4 .
I can’t say I have always made the best choices, but I was always able to recognize ‘choice’ and choice builds on hope, and hope is light.
Love this.


ty so much for this…I really needed this…going threw some personal spiritual stuff lol :sob: