Deities - more than one?

I’ve been following the Wicca Self-Initiation lesson and I’m planning my Self-Dedication ritual for tomorrow night.

As part of my learning I’ve been researching the various deities and wondered if it’s OK to feel aligned with more than one. At the moment I’m drawn to Diana, Persephone and Hecate, each of them have elements that resonate with me. Can I continue to develop a relationship with each of them either on a short term or long term basis?


@IrisW, I work with three specific Deities and each had a part in my self initiation ceremony. I was blessed that they chose me so I could not think of a better way to honor them. I wish you added joy and happiness during your journey. Blessed be.


Some people work with many Deities and some only work with one, I’ve chosen Freya, Morrigan and The Triple Goddess in most of my workings but that’s only because they were the first I felt a connection to. I’m sure I’ll have more in time <3 As long as you are happy and safe while working with a Deity you are free to choose <3 I hope your self initiation ritual is amazing <3 Blessed Be <3


I work with two dieties. They seem to be ok with it.


It seems to me that you found your very own Triple Goddess! :waxing_crescent_moon: :full_moon: :waning_crescent_moon:

  • Persephone is the daughter of Demeter, and goddess of spring growth, so she could be the Waxing Crescent (Maiden) in your Trinity. (Prayer to Persephone)

  • Diana (Greek Artemis) is protective and nurturing so that’s the (Mother) Full Moon aspect. (Prayer and Song to Diana)

  • Hecate holds the key to knowledge, occult wisdom and Magic. She’s the (Crone) Waning Moon! (Prayer to Hecate)


Just jumping in say that I also work with multiple deities- I draw on different Gods and/or Goddesses depending on the spellwork! :sparkles: I’ve found that as long as you approach deities respectfully and don’t promise things you don’t intend to deliver (such as complete fealty to one deity while you are still working with others), I think it is perfectly fine to work with multiple higher powers! :raised_hands:

Blessed worship, @IrisW! :hearts:


Thank you @Francisco that’s very helpful and goes someway towards helping me understand why all three draw me to them.

Thank you everyone for their insight. I can see this Coven is going to be very helpful and supportive.


You’re welcome!! :smiley: I’m glad you found that useful.

I love triplicities. They are a powerful manifestation of divinity and I’m happy that you are connecting with it.

Last year I made a separate topic about triplicities: Sacred Symbols: Triquetra & the Power of "3".