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I am new. I have been reading and trying to figure out what deity or Element I felt an attachment to. My first instinct was Element: Earth and Deity: Brigid. But then over the last 2 weeks, three very unnormal things happen when I looked at them realized my Element is Fire. Please let me know if these things seem just normal or is it something more:

I started my Altar about a month and a half ago. Read through all the documents to learn more about the craft. My first prayer was to help to be guided to my element. 2 weeks ago my daughter went to work and after a few hours, I went into her room to make sure the heat was on just as I entered the room her candle (that was probably left on when she left) caught on fire breaking the glass jar it was in. I immediately stopped it and put the jar outside. I scolded my daughter and just thought thank god I walked in when I did. Then the other night I light my angel candle on my altar(which I do alot) I was preparing my son for bed and he ran into my room and shut the door causing a lite wind but that wind took a piece a paper 10 to 12 feet away and blew it to my alter and it landed on top of my candle. Again if I had not walked in at that very moment who nows? Then last night I was reading about coincidences and that everything means something lesson about how to know if u have witch traits) and how we have to look at the bigger picture. And all of a sudden I smelled a burning smell and it came rushing into my head so fast that I actually felt chills. Fire is my element and it’s been trying to tell me. I felt such a knowing and it became so clear.

But of course, we have been drilled into me that these things could just have happened but I have never had safety issues around candles so I am asking you what you think. I appreciate anyones views. Thank You


Hi! I would definitely say something or someone related to the Fire :fire: Element :fire_element: is trying to get your attention.

There are quite a few Fire Gods & Goddesses across multiple pantheons. In Wicca the God/Lord is associated with Sun :sun_with_face:

Throughout other pantheons, there can multiple God/Goddesses that are associated with fire in one way or another. Brigid being one of them from the Celtic Pantheon.

I found an article that lists different Fire Gods & Goddesses with their sort of type or work with them. They are from different pantheons across history.

List of Fire Gods - Symbol Sage

List of Fire Goddesses - Symbol Sage

I also found:

Fire Goddesses from Around the World

You may want to go through the Goddess course:

They may give you some insight on popular Gods & Goddesses & their pantheons also.

Should you seem to feel a real interest in any of them, I would learn what you can about them, their history, stories… & see how you connect with them & learn how to work with them too!

There’s no rule as to which pantheon or God or Goddess that you are interested in & work with, but make sure you do learn about them & reach out with respect for them & their associations. :smiling_face:

Others may have more information for you & you will find the path that works best for you too! :revolving_hearts:


I agree with @Susurrus that the Fire element or a god/dess related to Fire is reaching out.

I work with the Greek and Norse pantheons. My first thoughts while reading this were Hestia (goddess of the hearth, home, and hospitality) and Hephaestus (god of blacksmiths and craftsmen). Within the Norse pantheon you have the fire giantess/queen Glöð (Glut or Glod), wife to the god Hálogi (Logi), who is the personification of fire. I know more about the Greek pantheon than the Norse.

As Siofria mentioned, if you feel a pull to any specific deity, learn about them and then reach out to them.


Oh wow - first, I’m glad you caught each of those instances before they got out of hand! That would have been very terrible :fire:

Second, I agree with everything else that’s already been said. It may benefit you to look into deities related to fire, transformation, and even rebirth! I would also maybe do some protection work around your home, just in case. Just because you seem to be connected to the element of Fire doesn’t mean that the element needs to get your attention like that all the time, if that makes sense.


You posed some interesting questions.
Is a coincidence really random, or a message?
I’d say a little of both. The possibility in fire incidents could be reminding you
to be a little more careful with fire. (safety rules?)
Most people aren’t aware that everything that happens to you is a lesson or a reminder. Life is one big learning lesson.
You’re doing great


I would like to thank everyone who took the time to help me with my very first question. I feel confident in my observations. And of course, I have always practiced fire safety these incidents have never happened before and were abnormal. After asking for some direction these things happened so I guess I have to be careful about what I wish for! I have definitely started to learn more about the god/dess I feel connected to, Thank You, and have a Blessed Day.


Sweet Krissie, you are wonderful!


Thank you lovely @Garnet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m glad you’ve gotten your answers and you’re learning more about the deity you feel called to! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :fire:


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