Deity work with Hathor: First time wanting to work with a God

Is it okay if I work with a deity and discuss their offering and what they would like before giving it to them? Just so I have time to put something together for them. I would like to work with Hathor. Do you know if she will be calm and patient with me (a newbie with deity work?)


Greetings, @jada1!

As a godess of love and femininity, I think Hathor is a lovely Goddess to begin practicing with- especially for someone just beginning to work with deities :blush:.

Before doing spellwork or rituals with Her, I would suggest getting started by doing as much research as you can and then connecting to Her with a guided meditation.

The Spells8 page on Hathor has more information and devotional video you can follow along with :+1:


Every deity is different and so too is every worshiper’s bond with their deity unique. After forging your bond with Hathor through research and the devotional, you will have a better idea of Her expectations and ways of worship.

Good luck and blessed be! :sun_with_face:


OMG. THANKS SO MUCH :smiley: :heart:


By the way, I’ve read some info on her. And how she’s connected to Ra in a way. I think I should dig more into her mythology and write her a poem based on some of it and read it aloud to her. Do you think an offering a week is a good start to building a relationship with her?


Personally, I think that and God or Goddess will be easy on you if you explain your situation. Talk to them, tell them you’re new to the practice and you want to honor them and you don’t know-how. I’m sure you’ll get some pointers from somewhere in the Universe to help you out, you just have to keep your eyes open for them.


Very true indeed!!! I like this answer. :relaxed:


Thank you all. I’m currently sticking to talking to her through my pendulum. Lighting her candle then talking to her when I want a yes or no through a pendulum. But when I want her opinion I use my playing cards.


Playing cards? Very cool! I wish good luck with your communication.


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You could try to find or craft one of this:


A Menat is an amulet worn in ancient Egypt to secure divine protection. Menat was a name of the goddess Hathor and of a type of artifact closely associated with her.

The necklace was meant to ensure good luck and fortune and to protect against evil spirits. - From Wikipedia

Hathor was also associated with music. You could consider writing a song, or just singing/dancing as a form of devotion. One of her aspects is as a Goddess of joy, so you can channel that through doing what you love, for her. Hathor will welcome you if you honor her with passion and drive.

Blessed Be! :pray:


I love that she loves music. Because I personally write my own songs and enjoy music with every burning sensation. :smiley:


Kasie had a great answer to this- and I agree! :+1: I feel that if you take the time to explain your situation to a deity, they will be understanding as you experiment to find a comfortable worship routine that works for you.

Writing a poem to Hathor would be a wonderful offering! If your musical talents bring a poem or song to life, you are warmly welcome to share it here in the coven :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed be!


Thank you :heart: And I asked her and she wants to get to know the real me more and wants me to write a personalized poem. And she’s really nice. Didn’t think she or any God or Goddess would be THIS understanding.


For me and the poetry part of it, is definitely a big YES,since I work along with Apollo the son of Ra and with him as well at times.

Poetry is life and through poetry one expresses meaning and words base on their feelings to someone else.

I do think it is a wonderful idea! If that is what resonates with you, then do it. Cant wait to here your poem to her. I do believe she will L🥰 VE it.



Great choices!!


Thank you for the support :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: