Desert Rose - How to connect with the spirit

Hello all

I recently got my first Desert Rose stone and I have read that each stone has a spirit within it.

I wondered if there was a way to connect with the Spirit?

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I haven’t started my crystal courses & I own a Desert Rose, but I’m not sure about connecting to it’s spirit. Other than meditating with it in your hands, charging it, @Missa or @christina4 may have more information about it

I did find a couple of articles about the Desert Rose & using it plus its properties. I hope that helps for right now! :blush: The Celtic Witch link brings you to the desert rose page.


Greetings @Abbygail!

Congrats on your first desert rose stone- that’s so exciting! :sparkles: Siofra shared some great resources and I’m sure the crystal experts in the forum will likely have some great advice for you too, but I’m happy to offer a few suggestions about how to connect with your new stone.

These are some suggestions that could apply to not only bonding with a new crystal, but most witchy tools (tarot, oracle, pendulum, crystal ball, etc).

  • :sleeping: Sleep with the crystal under your pillow
  • :purse: Keep it on you/carry it with you for 7 days
  • :candle: Cleanse it (salt, smudge, smoke, moonlight, etc.)
  • :person_in_lotus_position: Meditate with it

Wishing you all the best with your new desert rose- I hope you find a good way to connect with it! :blush: Blessed be!


Thank you so much, that’s incredibly helpful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You might also find the post on animism helpful! → Do our tools have spirits?


Ultimately it’s however you feel on this topic. Some people believe that stones have their own spirit. I would suggest meditation, keeping it with you (purse, pocket, set it beside you), sleeping with it for a connection with their spirit. Some people do not believe that stones have a spirit and it’s just purely a stone. If you are unsure on what to believe or what you believe is right, I would at least try some methods to see if any work for you and go from there!