Did you make your own wand?

I made these wands, the first is made out of Live Oak from Florida and wrapped with copper,the others are either apple, pine or oak


Awesome!! My husband and I hike when it’s warmer…I plan on searching for a piece of Birch to make my wand. Those are LOVELY.

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These are beautiful - as always!

I had one a few years ago, but it got lost during a move so I figured it was time to just let it go. It wasn’t mine anymore and someone else has probably found it and put it to better use than I did.

I haven’t made another one since, mainly because even though I had one, I never really used it lol it was just a pretty thing for me to look at. When we move - again - I hope to have a larger space for actually performing ritual because right now, I just don’t have the space. Maybe then I’ll make another wand.

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I enjoy making them and yes I do use them!