Digital Journal - thoughts

There is soooo much to this and I’m muddling my way through the site and I’m drawn to the moon magic and candle magic. The challenge that I had was keeping things organized and keeping the right links and so on for the particular day. So I found a solution :sunny: and thought I’d share in case others are having a difficult time keeping everything organized.

A friend and fellow artist created a digital journal. I’m going to use this to keep track of all of the links for the particular lunar spells, eclipses etc. Here is a link to her digital planner (I have it on my iPad, so I can also reference and update it from my phone :slight_smile: )

FYI - I’m a super organized person. And I hope this helps someone else!


Thanks for sharing! I’m definitely going to have a look. I struggle with how to organize all of my things. Right now I’ve got a basically empty binder because, well, I haven’t printed anything out or written anything down. Most of my information and knowledge is stored in my head :sweat_smile: One day, though, I want to have a beautiful grimoire to pass down to my daughter if she wants it.

I am curious as to why it’s called a digital planner if it isn’t digital :confused: maybe that’s just me lol

EDIT: Nevermind :sweat_smile: I figured it out that it is digital, just looks different.


So far what I have seen, it’s digital but you can even buy a physical one in which they’ll ship it to the buyer. Really nice, thank you for sharing it @stephanie21.


This is cool! I always find it exciting to see new forms of digital witchery. :slight_smile:

I usually like to whip out the pen and write the odd thing down in my personal book, although maybe something like this would be useful to me if and when I return to university.

Thanks for sharing, looks like you’ve got some talented friends. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’m always looking for a way to organize what is going on. Like @MeganB I store most things in my head, and lately it’s been a little chaotic. I do have a calendar on my phone that I use and one on my front closet. Plus one in my purse. This may be more helpful, I will definitely check it out.


I use an app called NoteShelf with the journal that way I can use my apple pen :). I find that I retain things better by the physical act of writing. It works with Goodnotes app too :).

I hope this helps!


I find that if I write things down I retain the information better too. My brain fog has been awful the last couple of months, especially with all of the weather changes recently here. I love my regular journals where I get to write what’s bouncing around my head down.

I also found journal/planning pages here on Spells8! I just printed out a couple of weeks worth of them to see if I can get myself in the habit of using them each day. I printed a couple of different daily versions, so on 1 side I have the day and for some of them, the back side is the day broken up into hours and the others have the 4 card spread printed out on the back. I’m going to see which one I use more easily.


I e been downloading and adding them to Noteshelf - the cool thing about it I can duplicate the page and start writing again…although I do like the idea of actually being able to give a physical book to my daughter if she’s interested but at the same time I like the digital because I know it’s backed up to the cloud so I don’t have to worry about it being found or have an accident… ahhh the debates in my head are just tooo fun :star_struck:


I found the planners, they look nice! I just don’t have the money for them right now. I have started using the planner pages from this site & adding them to my working/daily BOS and then I will move them to another binder that I am going to have for finished items.

I’m happy that they work so well for you! Hopefully soon I will have some more income and maybe I can get the digital one if I find the planner pages from here aren’t working out for me as well as I hope they will.