Dimensions and dreams? help?🤔

Hey there, merry meet!!:raising_hand_woman:t4::sparkles:

So interesting thing happened to me recently… :thinking:

I had a dream about someone (twin flame) I recently had a separation with due to third party issues.:pensive::eyes::woman_shrugging:t4:

It was raining before I went to sleep and usually it rains when I’m with him physically.

I went to sleep about 12:30 after a nightly mediation, ritual, and truth spell I did.

When I fell asleep and woke up, I was out of my body and in a different dimension. It was super heavy on fog, nothing existed, accept for his apartment and mine and the time was 2 am in my dream.

I got up looked at myself in bed sleep still. I literally walked out the door to this mans apartment and walked in as if I were awake. He saw the door open but was not scared. (I think he knew I was there) He could not see me but I could see him. I smacked him and his hair blew to the side and he felt it, he can feel my touch and hear my voice. That It.

We laid in bed and he saw my imprint next to him in the bed. We looked at the ceiling and talked about why he hurt me and he answered everything down to a tea and more for hours. After a while, I said goodbye to him in the dream and he told me to stay and I woke up. It was 6am on the dot.

My question is what kind of dream was this does it count as astral, soul traveling, or what? I’m not sure. I have NEVER talked to anyone in my dreams before, only in mediations.

Blessed be :ok_woman:t4: :purple_heart: :sparkles:


It sounds like the truth spell you did worked a treat! :dizzy:

Astral travel usually happens, like you said, when we are awake. In other words, entering a trance and leaving your physical body, traveling the world through an energy body.

To me it seems like you had a really vivid dream! These sometimes are caused by your subconscious processing recent events. If you cast a truth spell before going to bed, it can trigger these really vivid dreams, not to be confused with lucid dreams.

I know you said you had a separation but I’d be curious to see if he had a similar dream recently…!

On the other hand,

To dream of saying goodbye seems like a sign that you are letting go. It may also symbolize big changes ahead! :muscle:


Thank you @Francisco for your response!:sparkles:

I do believe he did judging by how I ran into him at a gas station a few days ago. We both freaked out without saying anything or looking at one another.

He is spiritual in his own way as he practices dragon magic.

I think the good bye was by means of moving on for my greater good. Funny thing is as soon as I touch my tarot cards they tell me everything as if it was a crystal ball in terms of who the person is, why, and what’s going on with it. I don’t ask it just comes like a conversation from a higher power.:flushed::eyes::eyes:

I should get a crystal ball :joy::sparkles::woman_shrugging:t4:

Thank you again! Blessed be :sparkles::sparkles::slight_smile:


Yes! I feel Tarot cards have their own way of encouraging us to keep reading them.

In the beginning I would keep drawing the same card over and over, and I couldn’t believe it! I thought it was a strange coincidence but later I was able to understand what it meant (that was a couple years back when I was getting my green card).

As far as your divining tool, it should be personal! A crystal ball is great… but they can be expensive! :crystal_ball: You can scry into mirrors or glass with a painted side (learn how to make a black mirror here) , bowls of water, anything reflective.


@Francisco where are you from?:sparkles::slight_smile:

Seeing as how you said before you got a green card. Also I will definitely looking into that! Thank you.

Blessed be :sparkles::raising_hand_woman:t4::crescent_moon:


I have to agree with this. See it as a beautiful transformation ahead! Seems appropriate too…


100%! Halfway through the year, with a Summer Solstice eclipse and a New Moon!

I’m from Argentina :argentina: but I’ve been living in the US for three years! :us:

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