Dinosaurs or dragon - fact or fiction

This isn’t an example of “Bad Bible, no cookie.” It is wonderful if not exactly factual. Like the Torah, A literary work of significance. No offense is intended.**

We were taught from early childhood, in the bible, that God made man & all other land creatures on the 6th day. But let’s look at the bigger picture. The Bible doesn’t specifically speak of Dinosaurs. but the true believers believed that man & dinosaurs lived side by side. Well, I personally do not believe that. It’s a subsequent impossibility.

Think about this.
There were 4 extinction events before the decimation of the dinosaurs.
There have actually been 5 mass extinctions.
The last was 65 million years ago.

Let me give you a shortened version of the Big 5.

  1. End Ordovician (444 million years ago; mya)[*D/T- Intense glacial and interglacial periods and land upheavals. Changes in climate and ocean chemistry.]

  2. Late Devonian (360 mya)[*D/T - severe climate cooling]

  3. End Permian (250 mya) [Intense volcanic activity causing ocean acidification, acid rain, and other changes in ocean and land chemistry.]

  4. End Triassic (200 mya) – Underwater volcanic activity in the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) Underwater volcanic activity caused global warming and a dramatic change in chemical composition in the oceans. Many people mistake this as the event that killed off the dinosaurs. But in fact, they were killed off at the end of the Cretaceous period – the fifth of the ‘Big Five’.]5.

End Cretaceous (65 mya) – Asteroid impact in Yucatán, Mexico. This caused a global cataclysm and rapid cooling. This is the event that killed off the dinosaurs.
Those magnificent creatures died and in time, we began.

*D/T- due to
Dragons were somewhat mentioned in the bible but always as the 'big bad".
And I don’t want to even discuss it.

Dragons have been taught to us since our mothers read us bedtime stories.
From "Elliot’ in ‘Pete’s Dragon’ where the dragon was always a dragon. to Madam Mim and Melifacent, who could change form to become a dragon.

The earliest childhood dragons were brought to us in animated movies.
They were frightening, bad creatures. Except Elliot, who was darling.

Literature has also presented us with vile, evil creatures. 'The Dragon and the George." was the first satire of dragons and it truly did present a new picture
of the dragon as a valiant and courageous animal.

The concept of the Dragon has been represented as: A mythical monster resembling a giant reptile, sometimes shown as having wings. In European tradition, the dragon is typically fire-breathing and tends to symbolize chaos or evil, whereas in East Asia it is usually a beneficent symbol of fertility, associated with water and the heavens.
-Oxford dictionary

So in conclusion, the dinosaur was destined for doom in the Asteroid collision with earth.
And dragons really are an interesting concept when discussing Pagan beliefs.
It can be a creature of the elements. It is ethereal. It is a heavenly creature of great power for good or bad, much like us.
Believe as you would, it’s as real as your imagination can make it.
Blessed Be


Sic simper Draconis…. Thus always to dragons…



Ooo… really well done! I like this & it seems to go really well with the current interest in dragons :dragon_face: & working with them seeming to increase!

Wonderful job & new perspectives/insights of dragons! :dragon:


Love this :dragon_face: :heart: And I agree with Siofra that this discussing dragons is a hot topic at the moment- so many exciting things to ponder about dragons, their meaning in the mundane and in magick, and how it seems like just about every culture around the world has a dragon is some shape or form. They really are everywhere :grinning:

Thank you for this, @Garnet! :hugs:

(And @AileyGrey too for the awesome poem! :dragon: :tada:)


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