Distance healing, energy work and reiki, quigong healing?

I have a question on distance energy healing and or reiki. Oh and quigong healing, thats another one. Its something come accross on favebook n ive been really curious . Thought id ask the coven on opinions on this, advice or if anyone who knows how this works or understands it can explain… im not sure. I guess. Does it work distance? What is the hand movements and reiki or orher symbols drawn. Ive seen used with crystals . I felt sonething warching video n concented to it, so i was open to the idea of the intent. Im really curious now how it works. N want to learm more but i dobt understand whats going on other than its energy work ( i think) and can use crystals or not. Alot of hand movenents, some look likr writing symbols with hand or Crystal. The pullinh out negativity or blocks looks like grabbing a string of something and literally pulling it out of you. . Even if they arent physically with you, cant see or know you exist… so im curious can that sort of energy work through a recorded video by a i assume energy worker… how does it work, omg i want to learn more lol i find im feeling energy more in hands and will be moving hands around. Just randomly but instinctually maybe im not sure. But im not sure what im doing. I was trying to ve subtle as walked through shop to get food n walking down aisle and realised was doing it…i think ive connected to that sort of work because its related to something on a small scale ive felt connected to or attuned to. Imnnot even sure if that makes sense but im totally wanting to find out more about this and thought id ask the cocen if anyone knew about this sort of healing work .


I’m not sure about reiki or qigong healing, but I have done distance healing for others before. For me, it’s usually a spell mixed with energy work rather than just energy work on its own. We have some articles and posts about distance healing and energy healing here in the forum and on the main site. I also know there are a few people in the forum that practice reiki and energy healing!

If I come across any others, I’ll be sure to link them here for you!


Do you mind me asking what sort of things are involved in a distance healing that you would do? I hope that’s ok to ask? Im curious about what would be involved. Lol me and my curious mind😂


For me, I generally have a poppet or representation of the person I’m helping. I then light some candles and incense. The candles are an energy source to help me with the work. If I have some corresponding herbs, I’ll use those as well. I’ll focus my energy on the poppet and the person in mind, using the poppet as a representation of the person to channel energy into. As I’m doing that, I visualize the person in my mind and direct the energy where I want it to go. For overall healing, the energy would just encompass the person in a soft golden glow and slowly sink into them.

I hope that makes sense lol


Is it something the other person can feel? Does it create noticeable changes in the person? If so, is it right away or over time? Im wondering how to know if helped other person. Its something really want to learn more about n how to do.


Also i get a poppet is like a person shape object but what sort of materials might you use for one and would ylu use different one gor each person or can you like cleanse it after use between differnt people to use same poppet?
Sorry for so.many questions


Hi. If you want to learn more, you are very sensitive to it. Which is fantastic!
Like @MeganB and others, I do energy work with Reiki (Usui, Karuna Ki, Quantum, 13 Ascended Masters and am learning Egyptian), Tia Chi, Qi Gong, etc.
The entire concept to all of this is that, like Nikolai Tesla and others have known throughout human history, there is an energy field that we all exist in. In the everyday world, this is gravitational, electromagnetic, quantum, etc forces. It’s what allows light from the Sun to get to our eyes.
There are negatively charged forces (some may call them Demons) and positively charged forces (some may call them Angels).
‘Sending’ energy simply means that you’re tapping into those forces to send positive energy (healing, sympathy, love, acceptance, etc) that is similar to prayer but can be more focused.
In Reiki and other advanced energy systems, symbols are used like religions use Rosary beads or other talismans, to help focus the energy but also to channel and direct that energy for a specific cause.
So, let’s say you grew up Catholic (I’m using this only because they’ve got lots of fun stuff! lol) you’d use icons of specific saints for specific goals - St. Jude for lost causes, St. Michael to protect something to be fought for.
In energy healing, it’s the same concept because ritual is ritual.
So, you’d relax, perform a chakra or spiritual grounding, visualize symbols that perform specific functions and visualize those symbols towards a specific person, area or whathaveyou. The more you do it the easier it gets and the less you need to prepare beforehand as you naturally and instinctively want healing.
Tai Chi is used to help you focus your ability to move energy through your body and around you.
Qi Gong is used to help you move energy within you along certain meridian points (like the Earth’s ley lines) in your body.
People who are sensitive to crystals, may use them to help focus and direct this energy.
I hope this helps!

**Of note - this energy work deals with positive energy. Due to the way our universe and Earth works, what you send out energetically comes back to you magnified. This is what is commonly called the Law of Attraction or the Rule of Three.
So even if you are having issues, but you send out love, healing and positivity, the positive energy you emit is returned.


Many moons ago, I was a Reiki/Seichem Master, and overall energy worker - and I was also on the receiving end of those same energies. I had students ask me if I had already begun attuning them or sending them healing, as they experienced being surrounded by light and feeling calm, relaxed, and tingly. I hadn’t actually done anything with them yet - only was thinking about it and preparing sacred space, which meant that it was my intention that mattered, and maybe not the physical actions.

Conversely, I also vividly recall a friend healing my migraine over the phone within minutes - I heard the sound of his voice and felt light “phantom” pressure around my head near the pain. I had migraines since adolescence and I knew what worked and what didn’t. The healing worked that day.

I haven’t taught or formally used Reiki in years, but I do use it on myself sometimes, and on distance for certain people. However, I generally need some uninterrupted time and space to work it, which is rarely possible as a Sandwich Generation mother, and a person with incurable chronic illnesses.

I will say that it’s worth learning and practicing, I believe that any of the Eastern methods of healing (Reiki, Qigong, Tai Chi, Zazen, meditation, etc) are very worth learning and practicing.


I think it can be, but usually only if the person is sensitive to it or knows what to expect. Other times, it may just feel like a warm positivity surrounding them.

Usually, yes. That person will then either heal, not feel pain, etc.

It can be both depending on the ailment and the person sending the energy! It really depends, because if you’re trying to heal someone of a major illness or injury, that’s obviously going to take time because the body still has to do its job. But if you’re trying to take away the pain of a papercut, for example, that can be much faster.

You can use anything to make a poppet. I’ve even used paper before when I didn’t have the time to make a full poppet out of clay or fabric.

I think if the poppet doesn’t have a taglock or identifier with a specific person, it can act as a vessel for anyone. Just regular cleansing and proper attribution of taglocks (so making sure the poppet is properly “named”, so to speak) should be fine.

Don’t apologize for your questions! :blush: Questions are how we learn!


@Wysteria_Norn Late in on this thread. You talk about energy. You state negatively charged forces angels and positive charged forces demons. I may be being dizzy here, but is it angels using negative energy and demons positive or that they are these energies? :thinking::sparkling_heart:Thanks


Nope. A typo and thanks for pointing it out. Demons ATTRACTED to positive energy and vice versa. But I corrected it to make it clear.
Positive energy forces are seen as angelic, while negative are demonic.


What you stated is exactly what I’ve experienced. It also falls in line with what my Reiki master teacher taught. The physical actions, like gassho etc, put you into position psychologically and physically, but you don’t need to do any of it. It helps, especially in the beginning of training, but isn’t needed.
Energy is free.
Unconditional Love is free.

Your story is healing on its own.
Thank you for sharing it.


Thankyou. Still on a learning journey. You’re knowledge is fabulous.:sparkling_heart:


You are too kind! Thank you.
What’s great about Spells8 is that so many have rich and varied experience with energy work of all kinds that I’ve learned so much!

Here’s the thing…I doubted the power of Reiki etc. I felt it was an extension of the Placebo Effect. However, menopausal anxiety got the better of me and I figured I’d try it.
It works
It simply works


I go to a lovely reiki healer here, I don’t know how to do it for myself, it made a huge difference to my foot pain and allergies. I find the same with accupuncture, my healer for that was a shaman too. Shame it isn’t fully recognised in mainstream medicine yet here in England, maybe one day. Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Thanks to everyone whose shared their wisdom, knowledge and experiences so far…is appreciate it. I realky feeldrawn to this and ive realised i have been attracted or drawn to aspects ovsr the years but not realised or seen the big picture but as i read peoples responses i started to see things coming together and how ive been heading this direction all along. Its exciting and daunting all at once. So many thanks to eceryone whose helped by sharing, its so appreciated :blossom::cherry_blossom::sunflower::rose::heartpulse:


It is very exciting! :clap: I’m excited for you that you’re finding your place along this path. It’s pretty amazing! I think healing is one of the noblest and most helpful things a witch or magical person can do - to use our energy or ourselves as a channel for energy to bring change, healing, and hope to others is a beautiful thing :revolving_hearts:


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