Dividers for BOS

Working on my BOS today and cannot find a divider for Moon/Lunar

Is there one and if so when can I find it?


I believe that the divider you are looking for is the Esbats divider. Sabbats is the “holidays” and the Esbats have to do with the lunar cycle and such.

Have a great day! I am working on some lessons & my BOS as well today, while my daughter and I work on the bread for Lammas!


Kristine is right! Esbats are rituals or celebrations of the Lunar cycles and Sabbats are celebrations of the Sun cycles (Wheel of the Year).

This is the one: :full_moon:

(Scroll down on that page to find it)


Go figure. LOL That’s a baby witch for you. I do have that copy. Thanks. BOS is really starting to come together. Loving it.

I completed a lesson today also. I love their courses. We are doing cornbread for Lammas. I do want to become more involved in celebrating Sabbats. Learning a lot about each Sabbat and Esbats.

Enjoy your weekend.


I hope you enjoy yours also. I have the same feelings as things start coming together. I am cleaning my space & figuring out my altar this weekend too. First, we are going to paint the room! I love piecing together my BOS also! I love that I can set it up how I like it and add things as I see them instead of it coming already set up.

Have a great weekend!