Do you know anything about Spirit Guides?

Merry Meet everyone!

So I am not new to my clairvoyant abilities. Well, actually, they are just there, I haven’t really worked with them past the use of tarot.
For about a year now, I have had this ability to see things as they happen when I close my eyes before bed. It’s not dreaming as I am fully coherent. At first it freaked me out, but then I got used to it. It’s like watching a movie… but as if I am connected to another person, some where and I am watching what they do in their eyes. My medium friend says it’s called “remote viewing”. Ok, cool.

I haven’t strengthened this or worked with it intentionally. When it happens (4-5 times a week) I just let it happen. Usually lasts anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

So last night, I’m laying in bed… and rather than seeing the normal “pineal movies” (as I call them) I saw faces. One in particular was really clear. He was a bearded man. The other two or three were not as distinguishable. But what I noticed is that they were talking amongst themselves. The bearded man seemed to be in his wise years. Maybe 50s or 60s.

My intuition was telling me that these were my guides. Out of shock, fear and awe I opened my eyes. Then when I closed them they were gone.

What is your experience with spirit guides? This is my first interaction where I could see them. What are your thoughts? Advice?

Thank you!


They could be your spirit guides or they could be other spirits on general. I don’t have remote viewing but I hear and feel them. I know that the spirits are there. I have yet to meet my spirit guides. Sorry if I didn’t have the answers that you’re looking for.


Thank you! And sometimes we dont always get the answers we want, so I’m open to just conversation about this. :yum:

I have had connections with spirit before… but nothing like this. It’s was crazy.


I live in a haunted house. I’m used to everything that goes on!! :sweat_smile: I have a little girl that follows me around. But my son can see her at times. Before I moved in, I saw her playing hide and seek.

She was in front of the door to my now bedroom. And in my bedroom there’s a door to another room that was my son’s room at the time. One day, when he was napping I peeked in on him and I saw my great grandmother whom I’ve never seen before bc she passed when my mother was little. I described her perfectly, even the flowers on the pocket of her gown. And her shirt black hair.


I don’t have any real experience to share with regard to remote viewing or guides in general. I have yet to meet mine (if I have any at all), but it does sound like you’re having some sort of spiritual experience. If you feel safe to do so, and with protections in place, maybe try to reach out to them and see if they’re ready to meet you.


This may not be much help, but I started trying to get into contact with my spirit guides a few months ago, and I think I was trying too hard at first because nothing ever happened. However, one time I was meditating and trying to reach out to my guides, I had this clairsentient moment of this feeling of “Just relax. Don’t try so hard. Be open to meet with them when they’re ready — it’s not all about you. Communication is a two-way street.” for lack of better words :sweat_smile:

From that point on, I started regularly meditating and reaching out, not expecting anything in return. I just let them know that I was open to meeting them if and when they wanted me to meet them. I devoted time to them and gave them fresh water on a part of my altar that I set up for honoring my ancestors. Eventually, after I had a regular daily practice of showing them that I genuinely care for them, one day, out of nowhere, the phrase “cross the veil” popped into my head, so I offered some more water at my ancestor altar, sat down, put a protective sphere around me and my space, and opened myself up to whatever may happen.

A long-deseased family member (my paternal great-grandma) began interacting with me, and I learned that she was my guide in the kitchen who lets me know when I need to adjust seasonings, even without tasting what I’m cooking, and when I need to take something off the stove.

TLDR: Sometimes just giving in to the experience and not expecting or forcing anything to happen can open doors that lead to great things :slight_smile:

Edit: This is the post where I talk about my experience with my spirit guide more in-depth


WOW. What a gift you have been given, @Ember_Lee !

I do not know much about spirit guides either, but have done a guided shamanic journey (via the ole YouTube) to meet them. I wound up in a beautiful, lush forest where the only creature to interact with me was a little chirpy brownish bird. As soon as I saw it I began weeping for my Granddad who’d recently passed. It wanted me to follow it to the top of a very tall tree…. So I started climbing. I climbed and climbed with all of my strength but was beginning to wear out. The bird kept chirping to me and I knew it was saying, “climb! Come with me! Climb!” But I was too slow and it flew away.
I don’t know what any of this means. Buuuut it’s my one experience with spirit guides!


@Ember_Lee hi there! I would like to share with you what I have learned about spirit guides…
Clairvoyance I believe is the ability to see spirit through your third eye (can SEE energy fields, spirits, and symbols and get visual premonitions). Some see with their mind’s eye and some see with their physical eyes. Receiving clairvoyant messages is one thing, not all are gifted in interpreting what they see.
To interpret a vision or symbol you will need to use your *Claircognizance or *CLairaudience as well. Clairaudience means clear hearing, The ability to hear spirit. This is that little voice inside you that issues warnings and guides you. It tends to speak to you when you are in danger or when you have an important decision to make that will impact your life. Anyone can tap into this, all humans have it but most are not aware of it. If *Clairaudience is one of your natural intuitive gifts, your higher self and spirit guides will use that mostly to communicate with you including words, sounds, and songs you are familiar with. (This can be internal or outside of you) You might also hear voices in your dreams or upon waking up.
For me, I hear a faint hum in my ears along with feeling tingly up my back then get goosebumps, while the hair on the back of my neck stands straight up. This is a sign for me to pay attention and consciously tune into my intuition. Spirit Guides will not intervene unless you ask them to because to do so violates your free will.
Consciously enlisting their help is powerful. It effectively transfers some of your vital force to them so they can use it on your behalf in the spiritual. Everything manifests from the spiritual plane to the physical, not the other way around of course. your spirit guides work to help you manifest your desires. If you want to work with your guides I suggest you get to know them first. Find someone who can help you find out their names. A medium told me about my main guide who calls himself Ezekiel. Come to find out he really is an archangel I began to take my guides more seriously and consciously enlisted their help. I set an intention first (your guide will pick up on it) then address my guides aloud ( your guide will hear you). I hope this helps.
-Love and Blessings


One way to get communication flowing is doing a tarot or pendulum ritual. For example, say “I call forth and welcome my spirit guides into my ritual”. Then let your guides give you answers to your questions or guidance.

Many people use meditation or dreams for the purpose of meeting spirit guides. I shared another method here: Working with spirits 👻 - #4 by Francisco