Does a daily tarot draw give you preconceived notions?

I do a daily tarot pull and I pulled the Sun this morning. And I was all like, “Yay! It’s going to be a good day!”

Then I got to wondering if my preconceived notion about what the card is bringing me affects how the day is? Would my day be any different if I drew the Ten of Swords? Or would just the card give me a bad enough mood to make my day bad?

I’m not sure if I’m explaining this right, but y’all get what I mean, right? What do you think?


I’ve always thought about this myself and honestly, it could. My question though is does it matter if it is a preconceived notion? Because if it isn’t a preconceived notion then all it is doing is giving you a heads up to your day.

I think if it is something that worries you, maybe do your daily draw but keep it face down. Then at the end of the day, flip it over and spend some time reflecting on the card you pulled and the events of the day. This way you won’t have any preconceived notions about the card and your day but you still get the accurate reading as if you looked at the card in the morning.


True, that would be a good experiment. I just find the idea of the cards affecting my day fascinating. In the next book club, I’ll be reading a book called Everyday Tarot. It looks interesting.


This is a very relatable situation. It’s even worse when a “bad” card comes out and then you’re anticipating what will happen and when.

So, maybe instead of thinking of it as “what will happen today”, think “what does the Sun represent in my life?”. That way you’re not trying to predict or anticipate an event but rather seeing your life in different ways, for better or worse.

Or you could do a 3-card spread, e.g. mind, body, soul spread to help pinpoint one area of your life to work on.


@Amethyst I love this question & I have thought about it before also. Its a thought provoking question. I’m not sure how to word a proper response with my thoughts or ideas about it at the moment.

@MeganB honestly I think I’m going to try that & see how that works for myself.

@Francisco i think that is going to be my next 3 card draw! Exactly what I have been working on for the last 6 months!


I find it fascinating, too! It makes me ask all sorts of questions of myself :laughing:

If you pull a happy card and something bad happens, do you respond with trying to look on the bright side or do you doubt your ability as a reader? If you pull a sad card, do you constantly watch for bad things to happen? And if nothing bad happens, do you then doubt yourself? What if nothing happens relating to the card? What if everything happens backward or opposite? Who knows?!

For the days when I pull a card in the morning, I don’t ask myself what will happen today. I simply ask what message I need to be reminded of right now. This way the card can apply to my day, something I’ve been thinking about, or something that might come up later in the week for me. It’s more general and I find that works better for me for daily readings.

@Susurrus - Ohh if you try it let me know how it goes!


The power of thought is a very powerful thing! I don’t really know if it matters of not. If you think of it as your higher self giving you a message rather than a deity, isn’t it the same thing?


For me, no not necessarily. I have a very specific ritual I go through when I use divination to speak with my Gods. When I’m just pulling a card for the day I’m usually tapping into my subconscious mind for the meaning. Sometimes, though, I’ll ask my Gods to help with the message. It’s a different sort of energetic presence I can feel while doing the reading. I don’t tend to bother the Gods for daily draws if I don’t need to.


I have a book on questions that you can journal that go to each card of the tarot, like what accomplishments should you be celebrating, things like that. So I always figure there’s a lesson I should learn from that card. I like the idea of doing a mind, body, soul spread though, thanks @Francisco!

I ask what do I need to know, but I like yours too! I may steal it! LOL!


Haha you can’t steal what is freely given! Feel free! :heart:


Don’t look at the card until the end of the day, I’m going to do that sometimes, it sounds fun and insightful.


Thanks, hon!


Of course!


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