Dress for your venus star sign – Aries Venus

Please note that the goal is to approach the colors and the aesthetic than copying the exact outfits of the pics! Fashion should be fun and comfortable and not a chore!

Next up in the series, I present you: Aries Venus. Without further ado, lets see what the rock star of the Venus’ signs is made of

But first, Venus in Aries…

Aries are strong and mighty warriors. Even Venus — the most sensual planet in the sky — is no match for the fiery energy of an Aries. When Venus occupies Aries, it thrives on competition: They simply love the chase. People with Aries Venus adore flirtatious romances that are defined by physical touch, exciting spontaneity, and (of course) some playful bickering to keep the flame burning. Venus in Your Birth Chart: How the Planet of Love Affects You | Allure

More info Venus in Aries | Tarot.com

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And then the Aries colors…

Aries: Red

Your fiery energy would work wonders with a dash of grounding and a lot of awareness. Hence, red could be your go-to, as long as it is not something you drench yourself in. A few accents here and a few splashes there in your wardrobe or your personal space are all you need to fuse its anchoring vibe in your life. Pro-tip: Try a classic deep red instead of a brighter red to enhance its power of planting you in your present while you get busy creating your ideal life.

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Combining the two together…

The Arian Venus loves statement dressing. From clothes to accesssories they opt for a style that is bold, powerful, dominant and sophisticated. It does not matter what type of fabric you wear as it all has to do with how you wear it and the cut of the cloth. You can go from wearing skintight dresses to masculine or red carpet looks with ease, as you love to experiment but always look polished. The play between masculinity, power and sensuality is very strong, as this Venus is strongly inluenced by the fiery Mars (ruler of Aries).

For colors you can go primarily with red and black and then yellow, orange or fuscia. Think of the colours of the Sun and the fire. If dressing in total red is too much for your taste, like hats, bags, head pieces and jewlery.

The make up is bold and full and glowy, sometimes it can be a bit heavy, but look for bronzy and red colors that suit your complexion.

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And here are some suggestions for the men

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Venus is going to be in Aries until 28th of April.
According to Vedic astrology the planet will be in Aries from 25/4 to 18/5


As an Aries Venus, I verify everything in this post :rofl:


εισαι αστερι! εγω εχω ωροσκοπο Κριο :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
you are a star! I :dizzy: :dizzy: have an Aries horoscope :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@AIRAM Ευχαριστώ! :sparkles:Τότε μπορείς να κλέψεις ιδέες άφοβα! Πέρα από την Αφροδίτη, έχω και τον ήλιο στον κριό, αλλά βλέπω ότι πολλές φορές επηρεάζομαι και από τον Σκορπιό που είναι ο ωροσκόπος μου και από Λέοντα που έχω σελήνη.

thanks! :sparkles:Then you can take some ideas! Apart from Venus, my sun is also in Aries, but I find myself influenced by my Scorpio rising and my Leo moon.


Thank you, been waiting for this one. I’m also Aries Venus :heart:


@stavroula @AIRAM I love looking at your greek letters, they’re like art :green_heart:. I think I got one word, :face_with_monocle: Epharisto, thankyou :rofl:


@Nacurro aaah venus twin! feel free to take ideas and ask whatever you want, if you want more info!

@tracyS we find it easier to communicate with each other :crazy_face: :sweat_smile: Haha, spot on, Ευχαριστώ is indeed

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Love that deep maroon/red, it’s such an eye-catching shade :heart: :sparkles:

These are some very fun outfits and helpful ideas for Venus in Aries! Really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, @stavroula - you’re an Astrologist Fashionista! :dress: :star2: :blush:


RiRi is a fashion icon! Glad you like it!

I like that tittle! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Maybe it is the influence of Aphrodite 2 years now :hibiscus:


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I send you a big hug! :revolving_hearts: :dizzy: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:


Same. I’ve been starting to incorporate red into my wardrobe of black, grey, and white, and I’m loving the deep shades. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: