Egg cleanse interpretation

What did you get from my egg cleanse??? ALL interpretation accepted and advice bright blessings


It looks a lot like a spiderweb pattern. No need to get alarmed but the traditional interpretation is that something or someone is trying to hinder your personal or spiritual development.

Usually those spikes are read as symptoms of envy and gossip, for example people who want to see you or your business or career fail. It’s advisable to do any type of spiritual cleansing work.

Best of Luck and Blessings! :sparkles:


Greetings @traci3!

I’m no expert when it comes to egg cleansings (tasseography and tarot are my preferred methods of divination :tea::flower_playing_cards: ) but it looks like you’ve got a great interpretation from the amazing Francisco :+1:

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your egg cleansing- I hope the message it has for you can help you move forward! :egg: :sparkles:

Blessed be!