Elemental meditation jars

Hey everyone! I’ve devoted much of my weekend to moving my home sactuary from the den space into our guest bedroom, and I came across these bottles in my hope chest. They’d been forgotten since our move nine months ago.

I enjoyed making them as my intro to mica powder. They’re great for altar setup and use, but I often used them for meditative fixes akin to that of fidget spinners. :laughing:

Hope e everyone is enjoying ease of wellbeing this Sunday. Blessed be!


Ooo… I love that whole area & the labels with colors of the contents of the jars! I usually hold my beads in my right hand & my crystals & charms in my right hand if I am sitting up for meditation :woman_in_lotus_position:

If I’m laying down I either have my Brat Bhride around me or my super soft throw blanket with me. Usually, if I am laying down with either of them, I fall asleep :sleeping: for a little while. So normally I do that in the afternoon.

I’m working on connecting with all of the elements, I currently have 3 out of 4 down :laughing: I’m strengthening my connection with Air :air_element: now that the weather is nicer. :smiling_face:


Beautiful jars! Just wonderful! They’re all so swirly! LOL!


Oh my goodness, I need to try a cozy meditation with a soft blanket! I love that idea and the thought has never occured to me. Thank you for sharing.

I’ve also never attempted to deeply connect with each element the way that I have with the sun and moon. I’ve called for elemental assistance with gratitude and focus without having truly established or fed my connection with them. I have so much to learn and look forward to!


Thanks, Amethyst! It was a fun intro project.


I have always had a great connection with water :water_element: then fire :fire_element:. I worked on earth :earth_element: last year & I’m good with it March through when it’s too cold to be outside… so working on that during winter part… I do have a better conncection with Air :air_element: than I ever did, but I want to strengthen that to at least my connection with earth & also with them each kind of in tandem to strengthen them both.

Water came very naturally to me & fire was right behind it. The other 2 have been more of something I had to learn about & practice.

As far as the meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: I had actually started practicing it laying down when a friend of mine suggested a progressive… something meditation to release energy I was holding onto & needed to let go of because it was affecting me long after the events had passed. It was done laying down.

Then I realized one night, that when I got to bed… I’m actually meditating to fall asleep. So one day, I was having a very… chaotic & tough day all around. I had just learned or started being able to meditate :woman_in_lotus_position: without it being some type of guided meditation. All I needed was some… ambient or calming instrumental music or a soundscape playing lightly. I felt, welll, I felt I needed some type of healing or comfort. I wrapped my Brat Bhride around my shoulders & put on my :thinking: either calming meditation music :notes: or my water soundscape & then laid down. Afterward I felt so much better & had a wonderful meditation.

Since then, depending on my day & how I’m feeling… I use 1 of those 3 methods & either a holding the items or a combination of holding the items & being wrapped in my Brat Bhride if I’m sitting. If I’m laying down then it’s either with the Brat Bridhe or with the thick soft blanket.

It has taken me a lot of practice (over 2 years) to 1 be able to actually sit in meditation for more than a couple of minutes & 2 be able to sit in meditation without it being any type of guided meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: unless I choose it to be.

I had to find what truly worked for me & my practice. So feel free to try any or all of them to see if any of them work for you too! :hugs:


So shiny! :star_struck: I could definitely see myself meditating with something like this- give them a shake, and let your thoughts swirl with the elemental liquid inside. Really neat! :sparkles:

Beautiful crafts, @tracie4- thank you so much for sharing them! May they serve you well :pray::heart::blush:


OMG girl! What a pretty and respectful display.


I tend to have the most consistent luck cross-legged on a buckwheat pillow. I’m middle-aged and the proper alignment of my mildly creaky hips and spine brings extra ease in attunement. :laughing:

I still use guided meditations, but candle/flames are my most effective natural assist (still only mildly successful at closed-eye visualizations in a silent environment). It’s not always possible, but I often tune into light but effective meditative frequenceies on my train commutes by focusing on a fixed point on the floor or lower train body.


Thanks, Garnet!


YES!! When I call on the elements in my circle, I do a little shake-and-pray as i set them in their place. Kinda the same with calling to the spirit of the astrological sign represented in the current moon phase to help activate a corresponding trait. Look to the swirls for wisdom and inspiration. :smile:


Oh yes, when I’m sitting it’s legs.crossed & my hands are resting on my knees palms up. It works best for me on my bed due to my physical conditions that way.

Laying down I started completely by accident when I did the guided Progressive… still can’t remember the rest meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: to release the pent up energy I was holding physically.

Normally, I can or I’m able to release energy :zap: through my hands. On that day though, nothing was working. I’m happy :blush: that I did that, because now I have at least a couple of ways to meditate each day whether its my usual once or more :hugs:


They’re very pretty! I love the swirly-ness of the jars! :heart_eyes:

Umm… I spy a new method of divination for me to try! :thinking: I wonder what colors would be good for that…maybe some black and blues/greens!

I believe the phrase you’re looking for is guided progressive muscle relaxation :blush:


Ah yup, that sounds like the one! :rofl:


Ohhh! :heart_eyes:

Like Megan, I can’t help but think you could use this as a form of divination. It could be similar to scrying in a crystal ball or reading shapes in tea leaves, although the moving shapes mean you’d have to think pretty quickly before they change into something else! It honestly sounds like lots of fun! :grinning: :sparkles:

However you choose to use them, I hope you continue to enjoy your meditation jars, Tracie! :heart::blush: