Empath or spiritual sensitivity

So ive come to the conclusion that im highly sensitive and would like some good books or articles to read to learn how to handle my abilities better.


Hello Neko,

I am also highly sensitive and I know how difficult it can be. Being so sensitive, I was afraid of everything, so I took protection spells to the extreme. I protected myself from both good and bad energy. It was important for me to learn how to feel safe while allowing good energy in. It took a long time to find balance. I was a Christian before I 'came out of the closet" as a witch. Anyway, the books that helped me most were written by Caroline Myss who writes from a Christian perspective, so you may not be interested… Let me know.


Hey im not judgemental of any religious veiws i mean theres a childhood book i have on the story of moses ive always loved. Plus the movie is cute. I also see you caught on to what people tend to call me.


I have the digital versions because I don’t get much from reading a meditation, it’s so much better to hear it! Both books have lots of talking, of course, and meditations too.

Ok, here’s the books:

Channeling Grace: Invoking the Power of the Divine
There’s a meditation in this book about lighting a flame in your heart, which brought me out of the darkness.

Entering the Castle: Exploring Your Mystical Experience of God
The meditations in this book helped me to create sacred space within.
Both of these books were life-changing for me.

Another book I like is:
Seven Planes of Existence by Vianna Stibal

AND… Anything by Diana Cooper

I’m sure I could think of more, but this is a start.

I sincerely hope it helps you. I respect your beliefs and I was worried about offending you. I didn’t mean to imply you were judgemental, I’m sorry if you took it that way.


Thank you and no I didn’t take it that way infact one of my closest friends is christian


I have a book called The Llewellyn Practical Guide To Psychic Self-Defense & Well Being by Denning and Phillips. To be 100% honest, I have not read it yet but it’s on my list. It sounds like it might be on yours, too! It comes highly recommended, plus it’s one of those that seem to be an oldie but goodie. You might want to check that one out, too.


There’s been some great resources shared for you here, Nikita- I don’t do much empath work myself, but there are two things that may be helpful for you:

@Silverbear’s Empath Shielding Spray- for protection:

Energy Cord Cutting- to cut harmful energy ponds, as a form of Empath protection:

I also know that @Siofra_Strega does a lot of good work in this area- so perhaps she has some additional resources for you! :blush:

Good luck, Nikita! I hope you can find many ways to handle and protect your spiritual sensitivity/Empath abilities :sparkles:

Blessed be!


@Nikita-mikaelson there have been some great resources listed.

I have found a lot of helpful information about being highly sensitive/empathic from Luna & Sol at:

They have quizzes with corresponding further reading, books, workbooks, all kinds of information from start to throughout your journey.

I am an empath (extreme sometimes) & I will find the other resources I have about it on my laptop this morning after I drop off my daughter. I would definitely start with at least 1 of the quizzes on the website I linked. The results link to articles by them about the type or findings of the quizzes.

One of my favorite spells to protect my energy & that I have made up to put in my daughter’s backpack is: Protection from Draining Energies by @SilverBear


Right there with you @Siofra_Strega and @Nikita-mikaelson, and it can get quite extreme. I’d heard before that “it’s a blessing and a curse” and I’d just want to throat punch that person and say “ya think?!” But for some reason the last time I heard it, it really resonated and I’ve been able to research and focus more on what it allows me to do than what it gets in the way of (majorly at times). So this is me telling you, it CAN be both… But make it your super power! :wink:

P.s. don’t throat punch me!

And thank you all for sharing your resources!


It was a blessing & a curse for me too! I’m getting better at shielding & where I focus my energy. It was learned because before I was a sponge & just automatically took on everyone’s everything because I seem to have something that says, tell me all your problems in great detail. I’m getting better though & can listen without absorbing. It can be easier said than done but also it can be done. Well worth the work to get there.


I am also an empath and such a sponge. 9 Self-Protection Strategies for Empaths - Quiet Revolution


I’ve been told that I’m the same but while I am still new to being a witch and hence embracing that rather than fearing it now that I understand it more and what was happening, I’m not sure what books or articles are helpful but if I find any I’ll let you know :blush:


It’s definitely a challenge learning to have protective measures for your own energy & to not be such a sponge & separate yourself from the other person or issue. I have to make it a conscious thing to move past it or i will just soak it up like a sponge & carry it with me.


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