Energies after doing a spell

After most spells, I’m exhausted.

Last night in the witching hour, I cut the energetic cord and released someone.

I gave way to cherish the memories, then I cried, I got angry, I even felt despair and had to tell myself, “I can do this, I can do this, I must do this, I am doing this!”

I will be taking the spell remains far away from here and far from the places I roam.

It was so hard going to sleep afterwards. I was energized! I felt like @TheTravelWitch said, a weight was lifted. That feeling in my gut has subsided and I greet today in a whole new light. I looked deep into my eyes in the mirror and I could feel in my soul that I did what I was supposed to when I was supposed to.

I recorded audio of the ritual for future uses. Most of the time when I wing it, I can never remember what words I said or anything! I want to start keeping a better track so I figured what better way?!

How does everyone else feel after they have done some spell workings?


That’s very smart! I keep a little notebook at my altar where I write everything down after I’ve done any kind of spiritual work, be it a proper spell or meditation practices.

It depends on what kind of spell or ritual I did! I think with a cord cutting ritual like you did this time, it’s quite understandable that you feel exhausted afterwards - especially since the way you described it sounds like it was very emotionally taxing as well. But I’m very happy to hear that it went well and you felt energized and reassured afterwards :smile:

For me, the most draining spells I’ve done so far have been healing spells. When I do a spell like that I really pour all my energy into healing the other person or animal, so when I’m very tired afterwards it actually makes me feel like I did well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: generally speaking I always feel peaceful and also empowered after doing any kind of spell work :dizzy: :fire:

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Isn’t that just the best feeling! I’m glad it went well for you :heart:

I really like that you recorded the audio of the spell to help you remember. That’s really clever and probably something I never would have thought of lol

Normally after casing spells, I feel pretty tired. The energy manipulation and energy expended really takes a lot out of me. I just eat some snacks, drink some water, and relax afterward.


Congratulations, @janelle! :two_hearts: I am proud of you for doing what you needed to- it sounds like it took a lot out of you, which is understandable! You worked some powerful and emotionally taxing magick.

I think it is a great idea to take the spell remains far away- let them go and feel the last traces of your past bond leave your grasp forever :dove: . Do not look back. The audio could be a good resource for future workings, especially since it sounds like the spell went very well! Just be careful- listening to the audio may unearth the emotions and memories that you have worked so hard to put to rest.

You have a very kind heart, @christine4! :heart: I am sure your spells are always full of such love and warmth, that you pour so much of yourself and your good energies into your magick :sparkles::two_hearts:

After-spell self-care! :two_hearts: This seems like a great way to wind down and recover after completing a draining spell :blush: :+1:


As a baby, I usually feel unsure and a little worried that I may have messed it up or forgotten a step or done something wrong and I end up getting a little panicked

I think these are totally valid and understandable feelings- especially when trying something new! Maybe it would help to focus on the parts that went well- was there a line of the spell that really resonated with you? Were you happy with how your set-up/altar looked? :grin:

Visualization is one of my favorite practices and perhaps you can use it to focus your thoughts on the positive aspects of your completed spell or ritual! :blush: The power of the mind is a huge force in our lives- and by learning to guide our thoughts we can have greater control over our emotions and mindset! :brain::sparkles:

There was a very interesting study done about Meditation at Harvard University called “A Wandering Mind is an Unhappy Mind”. The article looks at information gathered from people who reported their levels of happiness while thinking about certain things. The study found that happiness can be attained by thinking happy thoughts and that focusing your mind (not allowing your mind to wander) actually reported the highest level of happiness! Here’s a figure from the study showing how different activities rank in terms of happy thoughts:

The article is an interesting read and I recommend it to anyone considering meditation! :woman_in_lotus_position: We know there are many powerful aspects of meditation for magickal practice, and meditation as a daily ritual can actually increase your happiness and overall life satisfaction as well :blush: :two_hearts:

Meditation is very interesting as it is a practice that both numerous religions and science can agree is beneficial and worth partaking in. For anyone struggling with doubt- whether these feelings come after a spell or ritual, or in general- you may want to try meditating in some form! Whether you try to quiet your mind or visualize happy thoughts- hopefully doing so will bring you peace and contentment :woman_in_lotus_position::two_hearts:

As @TheTravelWitch said, these are all very valid responses to something that you’ve never done before. It can be especially hard when the witchcraft and spellwork we’re doing doesn’t have a tangible outcome that we can see, feel, touch, and smell in the moment. I think the most important thing to remember is that if you did the spell correctly and focused your intention, you have nothing to worry about :star:.

I’m also curious on whether you have any mental illness - please don’t feel obligated to answer that question. I simply wanted to point out that as someone with mental illness, I often get these feelings after spellwork anyway as my brain tries to find something to be anxious about. My most recent podcast episode and YouTube video actually touch on the subject of how trusting our gut can be difficult when our first instincts aren’t reliable. I’ll link those here if you want to have a look at them. Even if you don’t have any mental health disorders, I think it could still prove to be a helpful conversation :heartpulse:

Podcast Episode: https://wp.me/pawqtP-2Jm

YouTube Video

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I always try to meditate at least 5 min before. As for my alter…it leaves something to be desired as I am having to hide everything right now so I just have a candle or 2 and incense on the top of my electric fireplace as to not cause any suspition. Even if I hide stuff it will be found as I have a snoopy boyfriend who thinks it’s ok to go thru all my stuff

And yes I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks but meditation seems to have that on the run so that’s a plus


This sounds like a perfectly good altar to me. Your altar doesn’t need to be elaborate. It just needs to suit you and your needs - and it seems like it’s doing its job right now!

I’m glad meditation is helping you with your panic attacks and anxiety! That’s a wonderful place to start :heartpulse:

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