Energy work and Wed color correspondance

Hello, I am new here, but not new to Wicca. I have two quick questions if anyone can help me.
First, I wondered why the color correspondence for Wed (Mercury Day) is lavender and not yellow? It seems like the color correspondences for rest of the week here at Spells 8 are the same colors of the planetary correspondences for the day. Where today is Wed., I thought the planetary color correspondence for Mercury would be yellow scroll down to planetary color.
Does the color of lavender represent something else for Wed.?

My other question has to do with Energy Work. I was Wiccan for 20 years. Left for ten to study a matriarchal goddess Tradition and I have recently returned to Wicca. Until recently, I have only used spells when I really needed them and thankfully, they have always been successful. But I have not done a lot of energy work because I wasn’t sure which energy I was supposed to be using. I could do the basic exercises, but where I wasn’t sure where the energy was coming from, I didn’t know how to manipulate it or direct it. I read a Spells 8 article yesterday on energy work and it was the first time I had ever read it explicitly stated that the energy we use is our own. That was all I needed to know. Right after that, I began to raise my energy and was able to manipulate and direct it.
My question is…how do I know this is my energy and not Reiki energy? (They both feel the same to me.)
Thank you so much and it is great to be here.
Pam (Valentina).


Those are two very good questions!

I don’t have an answer for the color correspondence for Wednesday. That would be a @Francisco question. :blush: I don’t tend to use planetary correspondences in my own practice so I’m not much help there.

As for the energy question, I would imagine the two would feel different. Your personal energy would come from you and would feel like it comes from inside you. From what I know of Reiki – and I’m not a Reiki professional nor do I know too much about the Eastern practice of Reiki healing – Reiki is a universal life energy that I would imagine comes from outside of ourselves rather than within. I think it would probably feel external as opposed to internal from our own energy. The example I can think of is feeling our own energy and then extending outward to feel the energy of a tree. One is within and the other is without.


Thank you very much for your help.
I don’t know about other reiki practitioners, but the way I was trained, reiki energy, which is said to be Divine Universal energy, enters us through our Chakras. Especially the crown so when I feel it I feel a very strong swirling tingling in my hands. It begins as outside of me but then I channel it from within me. But I will keep practicing. I think you are right I think with practice I will learn to discern the difference. Thank you so much for your help and for responding so quickly. I appreciate it.


And I’m sure a lot has to do with my intention, as well.


Of course! :blush: I’m always happy to help!


Do you mean on the Spells8 Daily ritual for Wed? The suggested color candle for the Wednesday ritual is purple, I think, not lavender.

Yellow is what I typically use because yellow is associated with air (and Gemini), which you know is an element associated with Mercury. Mercury is also associated with herb lavender and flurorite, which is often purple in color. But Mercury also has an earth and Virgo aspect in correspondences.

I would say if you are doing a devotion to Mercury (deity or planet), maybe use Yellow or if you had “air” intentions - like study, travel, communication, focus, learning, etc. but maybe if you were doing spiritual work or divination aspects of Mercury (like Tarot cards, prophecy, psychic work, palmistry or scrying) you might choose purple (or yellow, either way). Mercury is also involved with business and contracts, and there you might want an orange candle. And gambling! So, there is green. Likewise, silver can be used for psychic work and blue for communication…butI agree, the go-to candle color for Mercury if we are talking correspondences is usually yellow. You have options :slight_smile:


Dear Mary, yes, thank you, I was thinking of my own candle which is lavender. You have been very helpful, over-all, thanks.
While I am not a practitioner of astrology, in my former Tradition/Path, we honored each day according to their interpretation of the female Planetary Powers and the virtues associated with each. I have been following Spells 8 since Feb., and was so happy to see that so many of the correspondences are in the Daily Devotions. I did become confused, yesterday, when the candle and associations were purple rather than yellow, but I understand.
I am absolutely loving the daily devotionals. I love setting up my altar and living my day by focusing on the energies, correspondences and meditations in these deeper ways. It has completely changed my spirituality in such a deep way.
I am so grateful to be here and thank you (and Megan) for your help!


Those are great questions @ValentinaMarie. Regarding the days of the week and color correspondences. The color associations serve the purpose to help strenghten your will during a specific work, so I suggest that you use whichever color makes sense to you.

Sometimes I tend to follow my own synesthesia (when my senses blend together) to come up with correspondences on the spot. Other times I check books on correspondences to have a starting point. And then there is color psychology which is supposed to be universal.

In the case of yellow/purple, I personally would embrace BOTH because on the color wheel, purple and yellow are opposites, which makes them complementary:

From: Color Theory 101 - J.George Version


Dear Francisco,
I am so sorry, I had signed up to be notified of responses, but must have done something wrong. Thank you for your response, this makes sense to me. I also like the idea of the colors being on opposite sides of the color wheel makes them complimentary.
I also want to say that I am very grateful to be here. I am already learning so much. I love how Wicca has evolved in recent years. (I had been away for about a decade.) It seems so much more spiritual and positive. And everyone here seems to be so nice. So often, on spiritual or religious forums, there is a lot of heated arguing, I’m so glad to see that is not the case, here.
Thanks, again.


I agree with you. I’m so glad about it too! When the roots are deep there’s nothing to fear. Thank you for your words


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