Essential oil magick

Hi everyone

Quick question. Do essential oils hold tje same magickal properties as the actual herbs themselves? E.g. is cinnamon oil effective for money spells where i’d normally use a cinnamon stick?

Im trying to incorporate more oils into my practices and was wondering if oils were suitable substitutes.

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I would absolutely say so myself. The essential oil is just a concentrated liquid form of the herb or plant in question, in my opinion. I don’t see why they wouldn’t have the same properties.


I have always treated them that way because they are the oils from the plant or oil themselves. Most times on the correspondences you’ll find that they do too.

Much the same as resins.


Thank you. I did think so but wanted a second (and third) opinion.

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It’s an interesting question worth considering! :blush: Thinking of the medicinal properties a leaf, a flower and a root may all have different properties, and going finer still, a water, oil or alcohol infusion all dissolve different constituents (flavonoids, glycocides etc.) in them. Physically the essential oils don’t hold all the properties of the original herb. :herb:

Energetically it becomes a little different though, and I have to say I can only really base it on my intuition. If it’s from a specific part of a plant, it adds that part’s energy to it, but there’s also the whole plant’s energy in it. Same with the essential oil. Like a fractal hologram, any part holds the energy of the whole in addition to the specific energy of that part or derivative. :sparkles:


@Cosmic_Curiosity Alan what u need to remember is EO’s are a diluted and processed herb. The oil is extracted from the plant.

If u have the herb and oil u can infuse your own (which is what i perfer to do, but it also depends on your space availability).


How do you do that?


@Cosmic_Curiosity Alan u put the herb in a jar, about half of the jar. Add your choice of oil, for infusions i used extra virgin olive oil, just enough to cover all of the herb. Put your lid on and shake. Check and make sure all herb is submerged. If not repeat adding a bit more oil. Seal and leave for two weeks.

Some say to shake it daily and keep it in a dark place. Well i dont. Mine are in an amber jar. Also opening and shaking adds air. Air isnt your friend here. Air will cause mold. Just leave it alone. After the min two weeks. Grab a bowl, cheese cloth or a grease strainer. And press out the herb into the. Bowl. Once stop dripping throw away the herb and add your oil back to your jar. Dont forget to label the jar. Now with olive oil u can shelve it for 2 yrs. Thats it.


Thank you so much.
Definitely going to try that!


@Cosmic_Curiosity heres some samples

Herbs first in oil, very beginning. Then showing strained

Salve made from finished products. The other jars are spell blends


I have been shaking my herbs in oil…I have only made three or so oils so I will stop now.

However, mine aren’t in an amber jar, they are not in a dark place, they are just out of direct sunlight.

So smart to write on the jars. I have operated on remembering. lol. The more oils I make the less likely I will be able to do that.

How do you use your banishing oil?


@Phoenix_Rose i do this too. When i first started i did everything by the book. And my mom gave me some amber jars. Now i just reuse old jars,ie: mason, spaghetti jars, etc

Banishing oil is used primarily with candles, to aid relinquish or banish things. This can even help with habits, etc.

Banish negativity and promote protection!!!


Και εγω ντυνω τα κερια μου με τετοια λαδια
λαδι κανελας για χρηματα
λαδι με χαμομηλι για τυχη

Moderator Edit- English Translation:

And I dress my candles with these oils
Cinnamon for money with Chamomile for luck


Cinnamon and chamomile are great oils to use for those purposes :clap: Thanks for sharing your process!


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