Evil spirit attachment

Okay, so recently It’s been a bit of a rough and amazing time wrangling the fact that I have always known I was different, until I found out why I am so different…my mother and grandmother enlightened me of our gift. I have yet to begin practicing until i learn much more. So I actually have many more than one question but what I need to start with is, currently the love of my life has a very strong, very evil spirit attached to him since childhood and has never trusted or felt like he could tell anyone until I asked him about it one day because, well honestly evil spirits always make sure that I specifically know their there until I let them know they are not welcome (sometimes isn’t just that easy) which is this case. I believe it is now severely effecting his mental and physical help and he keep asking me to help him. He is the love of my life and I know I most definitely can free him from this demon. I just need some enlightenment and support?


Hello and welcome to the forum :infinite_roots: @chyenne

Lots of people have evil entities attached to them, it seems to me as if they are sucking their energy (lifeblood) from them.

The first time I tried to remove one, it got right in my face and was trying to scare me, but I still banished it. It didn’t quite work as I had planned, I thought the person would be much happier. Well, I was wrong, the person attracted another entity who was even worse.

The lesson I learned is that the person must be healed in addition to removing the entity. So I am much more careful now. I feel that the entity fills a need for the person and the wound it leaves must be filled, closed, and healed. I typically use golden light. Does this make any sense to you? I hope it does.

I don’t let them in my space, if someone comes over and has an entity I make it wait outside! Thankfully, it doesn’t happen very often but on occasion.

Blessed be!


Thank you much Marsha, your time and kind perspective on a similar situation is very much appreciated. Honestly from all the reaching out I have done you’ve given me the closest thing to something that may be in my area of help I’m seeking. If you wouldn’t mind I am always willing to learn and I actually do have a few more questions if you wouldn’t mind answering?


Welcome @chyenne,

It is a pleasure to meet you! Congrats on finding your path from your mother and grandmother- I am wishing you all the best as you begin your exciting journey into magick :sparkling_heart:

Marsha shared some fantastic advice, and I second the suggestion of healing, as it is a very important one. I would also highly recommend Protection Spellwork after the entity is gone to prevent any other spirits or harmful forces taking its place :shield:

After for banishing the spirit itself, if you are sure it is purely evil and there is no benefit in trying to communicate with it, you can skip right to working some Banishment Magick. Here is a collection of banishing spells along with advice for magickal situations that involve banishing:

Banishing & Self-Defense Spell Collection

You are very welcome to ask away, Chyenne! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: To get the most responses to each question, I recommend putting each one (or group related questions) into their own discussions here in the Q&A Category. I hope you can find all the answers you are seeking!

Good luck and many blessings! :sparkles:


I don’t have much practical advice for you, but I wanted to say hi and welcome you to the community.

I do know that if you smoke the entity out with Sage you should follow with rosemary or something like that. Sage is like bleach, it leaves nothing behind to protect you either but rosemary is like Pine-Sol, it leaves a good scent behind to scare the baddies off. Hope that helps you some.


Hello and welcome to the forum!

As you might have heard, Sage is a great herb for cleansing your space of negative energies or evil entities. Rosemary is a great substitute, if you don’t like the smell of Sage.

You can also work with the goddess Bast to protect and rid yourself of hexes, curses, or anything evil in general.


Of course, ask away! I’m happy to help you.

I think the suggestion for protection spells by @TheTravelWitch_Bry is a very good idea. You need to be protected from the entity (energy vampire) at all times.

Be blessed :triquetra:

Here are 2 of my favorite books:


Hello Chyenne and welcome to the forum!

You’ve already gotten some great advice so I just wanted to take a second to say hi there :wave:

I agree with @TheTravelWitch_Bry that you definitely need to do a banishing ritual. Then after that, celebrate with good energy! Have a good dinner, do some dancing, play some good music, etc. This fills the void that the banishing takes away.

On a more practical level, I just want to make sure that the person with the spirit attachment has also seen a doctor to help rule out or treat any underlying conditions that could contribute to poor mental and physical health. It’s always a good idea to treat both!


Is there a particular location on the website that has more information on “healing” before trying to do a banishing spell to get rid of an evil spirit attachment? I’m very curious about this post!! Thank you!

@TheTravelWitch_Bry any suggestions on what to do (step by step) from healing to banishing would be GREAT! THANK YOU! :smile:


Of course, @Janae_Rochele! :blush:

Apologies if it wasn’t clear in my post above, but I would definitely suggest banishing the evil entity before moving into healing work. It works the same way as any injury- for example, take a splinter: you would never dress and begin the healing process for a wound with the piece of wood still inside. The bad/evil/hurting presence that is causing harm should be removed first, and only then can one begin their journey of healing :mending_heart:

There are many methods for healing in magick- what you choose will likely depend on your areas of magickal speciality and what you think best suits the person in need. I love to use healing herbs :herb:- either medicinally as teas, tinctures, or salves or magically as dried flower bundles, sachets, and pouches :pouch: Herbs such as calendula, melissa/lemon balm, and rosemary all have healing properties. But even if they have healing properties, I would suggest avoiding any plants that potentially attracts shadows/spirits.

Herbs are just my personal favorite though- others may focus on healing crystals (brief into to Crystal Healing here) :gem:, spiritual baths for healing :bath: (list of spiritual baths here), practices such as reiki :open_hands: , or spellwork that focuses on healing- such as this healing spell :sparkles:

Every situation is unique and will call for spellwork/methods selected at the best judgement of the caster, but in a hypothetical situation:

  1. Be sought out by someone who can’t shake an evil presence- be it a ghost, spirit, bad energy, poor fortune, etc

  2. Select a Banishing Spell best suited to the entity in question and gather the necessary ingredients for the spell

  3. Cast the spell and banish the entity, ideally during a Waning Moon :waning_gibbous_moon:

  4. Immediately or soon after, cast a Protection Spell (or enchant a Protective Talisman/Amulet/Charm) for the person in need- this will protect them from the entity returning, or being bothered by a new one

  5. After a period of rest, begin the healing process with your healing method(s) of choice

Again, every situation is unique and every witch will have their personal favorite spells and techniques to use. So please just consider this to be a very general outline. That being said, I hope it can be helpful for you! :blush:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


This is actually everything I needed to understand. Thank you so much for taking the time and typing this out for me and explaining it! I really appreciate the help!! @TheTravelWitch_Bry


You’re very welcome, @Janae_Rochele- I’m happy if it was helpful for you! :heart::blush:

Blessed be and good luck with your spellwork! :sparkles: