Exercises for Visualization (to improve)

Hello, I hope everyone is having a good day! These elections are becoming soooo stressful to follow but hopefully the official results are going to come out soon :heartbeat:

Anyways, I wanted to ask your advice on something I really struggle to do: visualization. I like meditating and I deeply believe in the Law of Attraction, however I cannot easily visualize things or situations (or even the faces of people I meet everyday) in my head. It is really difficult for me to visualize images and especially to hold them for long.

I tried using the visualization video in the course of Meditation on Spells8 but I encountered great difficulty in following it :frowning: . Does any of you have (or maybe has had in the past) the same problem as me? How did you overcome it? And what did you do to improve your technique?

I thank you a lot :pray: hope you have a wonderful day :heartbeat: :heartbeat:


I understand the feeling. There are a couple things you can try!

The first one is to start small. Try this exercise!

  1. Look at an object.
  2. Close your eyes and try to see it in your mind. If you don’t see anything, try “thinking” about it.
  3. Open your eyes and look at the object again. Notice what details you were missing.
  4. Close your eyes and visualize it again with the maximum amount of detail possible.

Once you feel like you can move beyond seeing and feeling a simple, everyday object, try to visualize that object in relation to space in the room.

For example: Imagine a table in a room. Where is it in the room? How tall is it? How close is it to the walls?

It’s possible that even that exercise is a bit too complex. Then I recommend you read this topic we had earlier this year: Meditation that is NOT visual based

You may need to start with other types of meditations such as breath and physical sensations instead of visualizing.

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Hello @queenofdisasters :wave:

Francisco shared some great advice above- I agree, it’s best to start small and practice, practice, practice! :grin:

Adding to that, you can also help improve visualization by using art :art: Painters, drawers, sculptures, writers, and artists of all kinds use visualization to make masterpieces- their tips and tricks and really help you to paint your own (mental) pictures! :framed_picture:

Have a physical object in front of you. Studying closely, and try to memorize the details. Then take a blank piece of paper and try to recreate that object- either drawing it, painting it, or writing out a description with words. Look back at the object anytime you forget. Doing this can help your mind learn how to visualize things without needing to rely on your eyes all the time! :eyes: :brain:

To help get you motivated, I recommend checking out the discussion about Art Witches :paintbrush::sparkles: .

Good luck and blessed be!