Art Witch 🎨

:art: I was so happy to watch this video! And I would love for there to be more on this subject :sparkles:

You don’t see too many videos or people talking about being an art witch or incorporating art into witchcraft in general. I love this and appreciate this video because I myself am an artist and very artistic person. Im actually going to school right now for a degree in Art with an emphasis in Photography & Painting. I love painting in watercolor and oil. And photo wise I shoot digital and film. I haven’t really incorporated any of my artwork into witchcraft work yet because I don’t know exactly what I should do. But I tend to overthink a lot and Im the type of person who likes to know somewhat of a basis of things first. I should be more relaxed and just go with the flow haha. :sparkles:

I found it kind of difficult to find different art deities so i’m glad there are a few mentioned in this video. Id love to meet more people who are interested in the art witchcraft to get a better understanding of it and also just learn more myself and be able to tell others of the possibilities with this path :art:

I would describe my work as abstract, playful, surreal, colorful, dark, symbolic. Looking at this in a different point of view. I do have a website & instagram. Website is & instagram


I love the paintings on your website! :clap: :clap: Especially the ones in the Shop page, like the crescent moon. I can totally see a portrait of Athena, Pan, or Isis in that style!

Wikipedia has a long list of deities that are related to Art.

For me, anything that can inspire another person to connect with a higher plane, whether it’s a specific deity, an aspect of Nature, or just the Universe, is a form of Art Witchcraft. As I edit the videos on Spells8, write the scripts, or make the animations, I feel like a portal opens and I receive more ideas to keep researching, studying, and practicing the Craft in my own way.

The Muses are also a great starting point because each one has a specific domain (poetry, music, dance, comedy, etc)

Art is not what you see but what you make others see” - Edgar Degas :art:


@Francisco Thank you so much! And that’s awesome, yes its like you get into a zone and mindset when crafting something together and its pretty neat to experience! I will definitely look up the muses!


I tend to incorporate art into my witchcraft, but not in the sense of drawing or painting. I’m a fiber artist and I crochet - have been for almost 20 years now. My crochet is deeply tied to my witchcraft as well as my worship of Brigid as a goddess of creativity and passion. I crochet in Her honor, and I crochet for magickal purposes as well.

Sometimes, you just have to get creative!

And I agree with Francisco, the work on your website is beautiful! :purple_heart:

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Oh I better go vheck your Website out!!! Thanks for posting it!

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Gorgeous! I checked out your website and followed your Instagram! I do a lot of witchy art…my latest venture is decorating journal covers. I do dabble in canvas painting and amateur photography…all self-taught so I’m not too fancy lol

All the arts and crafts things I do I find very relaxing…it takes me to a “zen” place! :slight_smile:

Here are a few of my journal covers I have been working on. :smiley:


They look great! @SilverBear Do you have any ideas on how to work on a leather one? I have this binder but it’s really soft and I’m not sure how to decorate it:

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Have you thought about “wood burning” on it? I know you can use wood burners on other things besides wood. I think that would look amazing I think!

I tried a bunch of different mediums on my journals and messed with the designs a lot prior to gluing.

I’ll give it a try!

Sounds like this will be the best way to learn! I’ll start with the back cover just in case :laughing:

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Or try burning on scrap leather first!


You guys are gonna die laughing when you see my first attempt at making my first BOS. I took a plastic 3 ring binder, did crushed paper on it and stained it. It was ok but nothing like the one I just bought. I got it so full I had to buy another 4" binder just to put spells in…it stayed white. lol the new leather one, is almost full again, time to buy one and try to write all by hand.

I love what you do @ silverbear… so creative and cool almost steampunk too.


Thank you! I was going for more a steampunk look since it was for my boys. The “girlie” looking one will be for my daughter-in-law. And hey, that isn’t a bad looking binder! I like the crushed paper look! You are giving me ideas! LOL

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Gorgeous! Are those stickers or charms ? Where did you get them from


They are a mixture of charms and clay that I molded. I got all my stuff at our local craft store. And thank you!


@marissa I recommend that you follow Molly Roberts on Instagram :art:

She’s an Art Witch and a total Magick junkie. She also has a Youtube channel with ideas for creating Oracle decks, creative altars and more!


@Francisco and @marissa I have been following her for quite awhile she has some really interesting videos… and is fun.