A Tribute to The Horned God / Weekly Challenge

For my own entry into this week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge: Divine Magick, I decided to deepen my connection with the Wiccan Deity: The Horned God, and offer a tribute to honor him :deer:

As a cultural scholar, I love to study religions, languages, folklore, and deities from around the world. However, in my personal practice, I don’t have a strong connection with any deity in particular. When putting the challenge together I got to learn about many gods and beings from around the world- it was really fun to do the research for this challenge! :books:

However, there has been one god who keeps reappearing in my life. Since the Litha Offering Soup ritual, I have been seeing pictures, figurines, and various forms of horned animals in my daily life :goat: . A few months back, there were moose loose in Warsaw (wandering out of the woods into the city) that was the highlight of the news. There was even the likeness of the Horned God in the peculiar Double-Yolked Egg a few weeks back.

Not to mention that in the Wiccan Wheel of the Year, the rapidly approaching Mabon is the harvest holiday that marks the death (leading the eventual rebirth) of the Horned Man.

With enough signs pointing me in this direction, I decided to spend some time learning and thinking on this magnificent deity! :sun_with_face:

:deer: THE HORNED GOD:ear_of_rice:

The Horned God is the partner to the Triple Goddess and embodies masculine energy. Both are symbolic of fertility and nature, and appear in various forms across pagan traditions. They are the most common deities in Wicca.

The Horned God symbolizes fire and the sun. He rises in the heat of summer and is at his peak at Litha. When Mabon and the harvest arrives, he is said to die- only to be reborn again in Spring and rise to his strength in summer. He is often depicted as part man and part animal, his most striking feature are his horns :deer: .

He is a deity in touch with nature and blanace. He represents both the hunter and the hunter- the cycle of life and the line between life and death. He symbolizes the earth and the forest, of nature and growth. He represents both humans and animals :national_park:

He appears in numerous pagan traditions and can sometimes be referred to as The Green Man :green_heart: . At one point, under the influence of Christianity, many pagan deities such as the Horned God were labeled as “demons”. @Francisco talks more about this in the post What are Demons? Demonology, Magick, and Psychology:

[Picture from Wikipedia: The Horned God]

After doing my research and feeling more connected with the Horned God, I decided I wanted to create a likeness of him.

Hugely inspired by @Francisco’s advice about using drawing as a magickal practice and @haley’s gorgeous moon painting in honor of Selene, I dug out my watercolor paints for the first time in weeks.

I gathered some items that reminded me of the Horned God, and got to work!

I started with a very vague idea of a horned man and went from there. You can probably tell fro the sketch lines- the design changed multiple times as I was doodling :laughing::pencil2:

As I let my hands guide me, the antlers sprung forth :deer: .
A wreath of sunflowers and ivy appeared at the bottom :sunflower: .
A golden sun shone upon a figure of life and death :skull: .
A deer skull, cradling a bird of flames :fire:

I originally planned to just do a sketch and ink it, and maybe paint another day- but the drawing had other plans! The color seemed to fill in naturally :art:

After I was done, I thanked the Horned God for allowing me to create his likeness. The piece turned out better than I had hoped for! I’m out of practice, but I’m hoping to invest a bit more time and slowly improve my art skills :+1:

Thank you again to those who provided both art and deity inspiration- I love reading your stories and hearing about the deities you have welcomed into your lives and practices! :pray::sparkles:

Blessed Be to All! :heart:


Gosh, that picture is beautiful @TheTravelWitch! You did some great research! And art! Just wonderful. I’ve got to step up my game this week. LOL.


@TheTravelWitch that is a wonderful picture of the Horned God. I am no good at drawing anything, so that is really amazing. I’m happy you found a connection with him and were able to draw him. I hope to have some kind of likeness of either the Triple Goddess or Brigid that I can make during my crafting. I’m sure I will come up with something. Great job!


@TheTravelWitch what do you mean that you have to improve your art skills? You created a magical and gorgeous piece!!! Thanks for the wonderful entry.


I will be trying to find the time this week to study the horned god. He was my first vision when I started meditation and came to me one day while I was napping in the poll on a beautiful sunny day


@TheTravelWitch I agree with @christina4 that is a beautiful piece! Much better than I could have done on my best day!


I love your artwork @TheTravelWitch!!! You are a true Art Witch! :art:

I’m so glad my post about drawing inspired you! Great post and thanks for sharing!

Art is Power!


You are indeed talented, this is a beautiful creation. Also thank you for the information on the Horned God. I plan to learn more about him and the triple goddess.
Blessed Be


Thank you so much @kasie, @krissie117, @christina4, @katt, @francisco, and @tamera! You are all so sweet- and your words are very encouraging! :hugs::two_hearts: I was a bit hesitant to share the piece, but I’m glad I did! Thank you for all your kindness :sparkling_heart:

Best of luck to everyone pursuing more knowledge about the Horned God! :deer: And lots of support to those of you also embarking on crafting adventures- we’re in it together! :art: :grin:


The drawing came out awesome! Great job on it!


Thank you so much, Dee! :two_hearts:


You deserve it! :wink::+1::paintbrush::art:


I started a mini reference book for the deities I’m going to be looking into and the ones I have already…think I’ll call it My Dibble. Lol…i put Hecate in as PG 1 and now I’ve begun The Horned God on PG 2.
Even though they also will have a place in my BOS I thought a mini book would be good to have too.


I now have the main BOS and then a smaller binder where I journal about what I have done and my experience with it, and then a smaller leather-bound journal for everyday journaling and free writing. It works well for me so far!

You are very welcome @TheTravelWitch! Definitely well deserved!


I think having a mini-book specifically for your deities is a wonderful idea, @tamera! :open_book: Best of luck to your Dibble :+1: Have you decided which god/goddess will earn a spot on page 3? :grin:

It sounds like you have everything so organized! What a lovely collection of books. You’re well on your way to have a witchy library full of your own works! :books: :heart_eyes:


@TheTravelWitch thank you😁. I’ve got 4 pages assigned as of right now,

  1. Hecate
  2. Horned God
  3. Triple Goddess
  4. Selena
    I hope to have those done today.
    Blessed Be,

I really don’t, I have no idea what I’m doing. Lol… now because the 2 inch binder is just about full, I’m thinking of separating certain sections into their own 1 inch binders. I can’t believe the information that I have in the BoS!


I just said the same thing a few moments ago, My 1.5 inch binder is just about full that I cant add maybe 5 or 6 more pages. Feels like Im squishing a suitcase to close now. Lol…


Hahahaha… that’s how mine is and why I started the one inch binder for the blank pages and completed journaling about the things I am doing. I’m going to have to start another one for daily items, my altar, and the Wiccan Wisdom sections. See if that frees up some room.


Bravo! :clap: From your post in Merry Meet Monday, it sounds like you were able to add these pages to Dibble! :open_book: All very exciting deities- your book is growing quite quickly! Like you and @krissie117 said, it’s amazing how quickly information gathers :books: :grin: