Autumn Market and Gratitude Altar for Mabon 🎃

Warm greetings to all! :heart_decoration:

I went to the local market yesterday to pick out flowers for my Mabon altar! I thought I’d share the fun experience with you all, as well as add my Mabon gratitude altar to the Weekly Witchy Challenge: Giving Gratitude! :grin:

The market is huge, with most stalls being outdoors. There are a few indoor areas that have sanitizing stations. everyone is supposed to wear a mask and stay 2 meters apart… some people are better at following these rules than others :sweat:

I love looking at all the fruits, veggies, crafts, and flowers! The only stall that kind of freaks me out is the egg man. It’s literally an entire shop with just eggs- and one creepy mannequin out front :clown_face::egg: :scream:

I decided sunflowers were the way to go for a Mabon altar! I bought a bouquet and headed home to set everything up :sunflower:

I went around my apartment and picked out things to make the altar with. I looked for things that symbolize Autumn and harvest, food that I will be preparing Mabon dishes with, and items that symbolize the things in my life I am grateful for :hugs:

Adding to my new sunflowers :sunflower:, I used:

  • white and pink candles :candle:,
  • seasonal fruits :apple:,
  • my autumn pumpkin :jack_o_lantern:,
  • lavender that my mother sent (it’s lavender harvest time back home in MA!) :purple_heart:,
  • my aventurine :orange_circle:,
  • a deer figurine I use to represent the Horned God :deer:,
  • photos of loved ones (turned around to respect their privacy!) :framed_picture:
  • A few other trinkets to symbolize personal things I am grateful for :pray:

Every night before bed, I will light the candles and do a gratitude meditation in front of the altar to reflect on both the day and all of the things I am grateful for :woman_in_lotus_position:

Although I will be removing the apples and pears this weekend for some Mabon cooking! :yum::pear:

There have been so many wonderful Mabon recipes shared in the forums lately! There’s a bunch and I haven’t decided which to do yet, but for anyone else considering, here are just a few great ones people have shared:

:candle: :pear: Happy Mabon to All! :apple::candle:


This looks great! Thanks for sharing :heart: :sunflower:
Your pictures make me miss Poland so much haha :heart_eyes:


You created a gorgeous altar! Thank you for sharing! Happy Mabon!


That’s a lovely altar! Thank you for giving me some ideas.


@TheTravelWitch So cool. Really awesome, except the Egg Man stall. I’m with you. That’s creepy.


What a lovely tour of your local market!! Thanks @TheTravelWitch!! It makes me want to travel!! :poland:

Your altar looks wonderful and I’m sure it smells great too with the lavender! :laughing:

Happy Mabon and a Blessed Autumn!! :leaves:


Aww thank you so much @limeberry, @christina4, @kasie, @PuppetMama, and @Francisco! :heart:

Sending lots of love to you all from Poland! :two_hearts: I hope everyone can visit (or come back if you’ve been before!) someday soon :blush:

Mabon is already here (is it just me, or did it come really fast!? :laughing:) I hope everyone celebrating had fun making their altars/preparations! Enjoy the autumn equinox! :maple_leaf::two_hearts:


Yes, autumn came really fast this year. Last year it was hot until like the second week of October but this year it’s nice and cool. So far.