🍂 First Day of Autumn Rituals: How to Prepare for Mabon!

Also known as the Witches’ Thanksgiving or just Fall/Autumn Equinox, Mabon intentions have to do with gratitude, abundance and letting go. This is a continuation of my post: Mabon! How to Celebrate the Fall Equinox Alone!🍇

When to celebrate Mabon?

Witch Rituals for the Fall Equinox can be done on or around the 21st day of the month. September in the Northern Hemisphere :earth_americas: and March in the Southern Hemisphere. :earth_asia:

How to Prepare for Mabon! 6 Ideas :chestnut:

1. Have a Mabon Feast

Mabon is also known as “the Witches’ Thanksgiving,” as it is a time to thank the Earth for all of her gifts and the gods for watching over us. Prepare a Wiccan thanksgiving feast and show gratitude. :corn: :bowl_with_spoon:

2. Decorate a Mabon Altar :candle:

Use harvest fruits, vegetables, leaves, seeds, wine or cider, and fall colors such as brown, orange and yellow. Corn, horns of plenty or the Cornucopia, grapes and grains too.

Eat the food on your altar before it goes bad, and leave the altar up as long as you want, through October when we’ll prepare an altar for Samhain. :jack_o_lantern:

3. First Day of Autumn Rituals

The fall is a good time to do Magick spells that involve decrease or endings. Let go of anything that is old and useless in your home and in your life. Here’s a simple solitary ritual:

Printable-Mabon-Celebration-Sabbat-Wicca Mabon-Correspondences-and-Solitary-Celebration

Instead of releasing them with the wind, you could light a Mabon bonfire and burn them there. I don’t want to start a fire in this season so I will stick to the wind.

4. Be Thankful

Another simple ritual for solitary witches is to write down things you are thankful for. On your journal, list all of the aspects of your life for which you are grateful. Thank the gods, ancestors, or spirits of nature for all their gifts.

You can use this chant from the book Natural Witchery by Ellen Dugan:

“During the harvesttide, the autumn leaves will turn.
I offer thanks for the many lessons I’ve learned.
May I use this power in wise and wonderful ways.
With wisdom and knowledge, I face the darkening days.”

5. Make peace :peace_symbol:

Mabon marks the sun’s entrance into the zodiac sign Libra :libra: , which astrologers connect with peace, diplomacy, harmony, and balance. If you are at odds with someone, this is a good time to make peace. If something is causing you stress, use the energy of this season day to find ways to ease that stress and restore balance in your life.

6. Autumn cleaning! :broom:

As mentioned before, let go of everything that is old and useless in your home. This includes getting a haircut, doing a deep cleaning of the house, giving things away, and moving forward from any negative situation.

.⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, the focus of this holiday is to celebrate the last days of summer and prepare for the winter. Break old habits and eliminate from your life anything that is limiting you, before the New Year begins with Samhain! :skull:


Thank you so much for making this post!! Im going to celebrate by making some magic with a ritual, giving thanks!!, I do usually deep clean each season but I haven’t associated it with Mabon. I’m working on the latter suggestion… making peace (with my mother). To each their own, right. I’m nervous and I’m already experiencing anxiety just thinking about bringing up any tension I feel towards her. I have to make it right. I believe she knows that I find her rude and disrespectful. But I need to address it in a nice manner. I’m practicing being in a state of love in every way. I’m open to suggestions for speaking with my mama.


@christina4, just follow your heart and let the cards fall where they shall. Remember you can only control your own-self. As long as you speak your peace, the rest is up to her…( My opinion)

Good luck…
Blessed be.


Thank you @walter I’m so happy we’ve met here! You’re absolutely right about I can only change myself. I’ve said in the past that “change equals conflict and conflict equals change, whether internal or external”.


@christina4, you’re very welcome, glad we met too. And your quote is so accurate! Perfectly quoted!


It’s hard trying to put up with rude or toxic attitudes. It can be extremely frustrating and unhealthy, but maybe deep down she just needs your support?

There will probably be tension around, nobody says it has to be easy. But, like Dee said, be honest with her, let the emotions flow.


I think I am going to work on my altar a little bit today for Mabon. I have made some harvest crafts that I can put on there and I have some others from a basket that we made for fall in our house. I have been trying to paint but with my hand, it’s taking longer and I’m making a lot of mistakes. So I will try decorating my altar first and then adding things throughout the next couple of weeks. I can’t wait to have a mini Thanksgiving.



I love your decorations @krissie117 ! So beautiful :heart: :chipmunk: :fallen_leaf: :jack_o_lantern:


It could be possible that she may need my support. Today’s her birthday so tomorrow I may bring up the topic as to why she acts that way towards me. I just think bc being my entire life that I’ve been neglected that it’s me the whole time.


@Limeberry thank you so much. It was fun finding them. I have some more i want to try to do today.


@christina4 it may be a good idea, i had to address my mother about my issues with abandonment before I could talk to her without getting upset. I hope it goes well for you and some of this weight is lifted from you.


@krissie117, your altar looks beautiful!


@christina4 I agree with @Francisco and Dee. It’s best to just open up and say your truth. The two outcomes of this is Respect or Deflect. She will either respect you for doing so and finally hear you or Deflect the truth you express based on HER inability to accept it. Either way you’ve unloaded what is weighing on you and attempted to connect. For that you should feel proud. Set your intentions with what you want to accomplish with your words and zip up your emotional shield.
Blessed Be


Thank you, 2 of them were my entertainment center, the one on the top is part of my altar. I tend to decorate everywhere. Lol


I think I’ll get my stuff out today. Thanks for the decorating bug @krissie117 :grin::wink:


Thank you @Tamera I’m planning on talking to her on Monday. Today’s her birthday and she’ll be at my sister’s. Of course I’m not invited. My sister acts just like her mother. I don’t know what she even looks like in person. Oh well. You’re a sweetheart for the advice! :sparkling_heart::pray:t3:


Happy Upcoming Mabon to All!!! :apple::jack_o_lantern:

This is great information, thanks Francisco! I will most definitely be planning a Mabon Feast and practicing gratitude. @SilverBear shared a beautiful apple spell that I want to try too! :green_apple:

Sending good thoughts to @christina4- I hope the talk with your mother brings things to light. You do not deserve to be treated badly! I hope it all goes well :pray:

@krissie117 your decorations are lovely and inspirational! :two_hearts:


@krissie117, hope ur feeling better ! I’m sure your altar will be amazing! I’m starting to get into the fall decorations and fall mood. The weather by me is already starting to change! I wonder if we’ll even get an Indian summer?!
But looking forward to Mabon, will be my first
Blessed be.


Thank you. This is my first Mabon and didn’t know much of what to do or what it was. This was very helpful!