Easy Autumn Spiced Apple Strudel for Mabon 🍎 made with Love and Gratitude

Easy Autumn Spiced Apple Strudel for Mabon :apple: made with Love and Gratitude :heart:

As promised!

Eep it came out so yummy!

Ok so first off – I’m a lazy witch and I buy pre-made puff pastry – I love cooking and baking but if I’m making a strudel it’s because I want it NOW please and thank you.

You will need:

  • Pre-rolled puff pastry (filo also works nicely)
  • Apples (I used 3 gala apples as they were in the house – anything goes) :apple: :green_apple: :apple:
  • Lemon :lemon:
  • Raisins/Sultanas :grapes:
  • Vanilla essence
  • Brown sugar (Muscovado is beautiful for this)
  • Spices (I got over-excited, apologies, cinnamon alone works great):
    • Allspice
    • Cinnamon
    • Cloves (crushed with mortar and pestle)
    • Nutmeg (grated)
  • A chai latte or other tea/coffee potion to sip on while it’s in the oven :coffee:

    This is one of those ‘just chuck in a bit of this and a bit of that and mix it all together’ kind of recipes.
    But for anyone who needs measurements – here are my approximates:

    350g apples – 1 cup raisins - ½ cup sugar – ½ to 1 tsp of each spice and vanilla essence – juice of 1 lemon.
    Ok I didn’t need to put the spices in a measuring cup but I couldn’t leave the little kitty out!

If you’re baking with intention here’s what I did/some ideas:

Preheat your oven. (Follow cooking instructions for the pastry – in my case it was fan on 200c)

Get your ingredients ready and create a relaxing environment- a few deep breaths, a cup of tea, a candle, casting a circle of protection. Whatever works for you. :candle:

When you’re ready:

Peel, core and cut your apples into thin slices. While doing this think of something you are thankful for this past year.

Add the raisins, sprinkling in a circle anti-clockwise. ‘I let go of all that I no longer need’

Add the lemon juice. ‘I cleanse myself of the past’

Add the sugar clockwise. ‘I sweeten my future’

Vanilla and spices (They share many of the same properties so I bundled them together)

‘Thank you for bringing love, luck, peace, prosperity, friendship, healing and confidence into my life’

Mix and fill with intention!

Roll out your pastry and cut a small strip from the side to use for decoration.

Pile your apple mixture just above the halfway mark leaving space on either side, above and below– use a spoon don’t pour it! Lots of juicy yumminess also equals lots of mess – I spooned it and it still got a little messy :joy:

Tuck in the sides and top and roll the larger section over. This should give you a large smooth section on top to decorate! (If it’s not sticking down use some egg as glue)

This time I’ve decorated with flowers and leaves :sunflower: :fallen_leaf: – but in the past I’ve also made plaits and draped them across in various ways or cut out stars :star: or hearts :two_hearts: – anything goes!

I’ve brushed the top of my decorations with some of the spiced syrup leftover from the apples – may or may not add to the colour/flavour later!

This went in the oven for about 20 mins. (It should be crisp to touch).

And here’s the finished product!
Yummy with cream, icecream, toffee sauce or custard
… or if you’re me you’ll just chop the end off and nom :roll_eyes: :sweat_smile: I’m not usually such a savage - I hadn’t eaten anything all day - normally I’d at least get a plate and spoon :joy:

Enjoy! Have a blessed Mabon :heart:


This is absolutely lovely! It looks like something I’d see on GBBO! Well done!


This is amazing @Limeberry!! :grin: :star_struck:

I love the decorative flowers and leaves! Perfect for Mabon! :sunflower: :leaves: Did you make them yourself??

Thanks for sharing! It looks delicious!! Baking with intention = Kitchen Witchcraft!


So yummy! Looks amazing! I’m a horrible baker! LoL


This is GORGEOUS, @LimeBerry! Ohh, I am drooling looking at these pics- I bet is was delicious! :drooling_face::apple: The little shapes on top are so cute and creative- it really is perfect for Mabon!

Thanks so much for sharing this recipe and your beautiful kitchen witchery magick :woman_cook::sparkles:


Ooh! Can I have some?? Pretty please!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: That looks delicious :heart_eyes::yum: thanks for sharing this with us! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


It’s beautiful!! Will def do this, thanks!!! :star_struck:


I had so much fun, making this recipe. It was so yummy! My family loves the apples baked and they turned out awesome!!
It helped me find spirit in the kitchen. It also gave me a wonderful feeling that I had some extra spice in which was creative and fun.!!! This is my first Mabon! Thanks for helping to make it feel special and honoring the earth god and the Sun god. Honoring the goddess who died in the Crone attributes. Blessed Be Val


I just saw this! It looks amazing thought! I love to make things with apples in the fall and it’s perfect for Mabon!


This looks yummy :yum: … I’m going to try this , seems pretty easy to make…


Looks amazing! I’m gonna try this recipe for this year’s Mabon! Thanks xxx


I’m glad this popped up for me today because I want to make something like it!


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