Extremely vivid dreams

Hey everybody! Do you often experience a dream inside a dream - an inception? They are always very specific. Yesterday I dreamt about getting married, which is not a big thing. My dad, however, said he will not walk me down the isle and he turned his back on me. I was devastated. Afterwards, I thought woke up on my bed, next to my partner. It was, however, still a dream and there were few small, quite agressive hands reaching out from behind him trying to grab me. It was so vivid and realistic, I felt their touch. I said out loud in the dream “NO! STOP! Only my partner can touch me!” and I woke up, this time for good. Exactly in the same bed, same position… Gosh, somehow I can’t shake it off. I feel something is a bit off as it’s not my first “encounter” on this level. Other night, while I was sleeping, I opened up my eyes and sat on my bed. There was a shadow of a human standing next to me and staring at me. When the shadow realised I see him, he walked further from me and stood next to the window. I looked at it for few more seconds and it looked at me. I felt its stare. It was numb. I said “go away” and went back to sleep.

My dreams, in general, are always very weird and off… Anybody going through same? I am not a witch, I don’t do spells, but do have “something”. I meditate almost every day and meet people during it. I see spirits while I meditate. I feel their presence also in our world.

Really looking forward to meeting people with same thing going on. XOXO


Hi @marta! I’ve got nothing on the dream thing, that would freak me out. But I wanted to welcome you to the forum! I’m sure someone has an answer for you!


Merry meet :blush:

I’ve always been fascinated by dreams. I often have very vivid dreams too, and they always have something to do with what’s going on with my life at that moment.

I’ve have had the “dream within a dream” experience a few times too. Most recently I remember someone telling me in a dream to “open my eyes, and then open my eyes again”, when I first opened my eyes I was in my body and in my bed but I could still tell that I was dreaming, and I couldn’t move. It could easily have been distressing, but it wasn’t. When I opened my eyes again, I woke up fully and could get out of the bed. I think it was sleep paralysis, and your shadow dream sounds it might be that too. It’s a kind of a state between dream and waking, where we can’t move our body, and while we can see through our eyes we can see other things too. Many people report seeing scary things in that state or just general feeling of dread and anxiety, I feel it has a lot to do with our own expectations, and how comfortable we are with our darker side. That’s true for nightmares too I feel. I always see them as a sign pointing at something that needs my attention. Anything I try to ignore or push away always find their way into the subconscious, and show up in my dreams, so I’ve found it easier to just face things as they come.


Thanks for your reply! Yes, exactly, does sound like me. I have issues accepting my dark side, because you know, everybody loves to be so pure, good and cute. I often dream even of sigils, of entities coming and saying they want to teach me something, etc. I often wake up bruised. I can show you a photo of my neck after waking up from one dream - I dreamt I was scratched by some very scary ghost. Intense stuff. I don’t talk about it at all because I’m scared other people will think I am crazy and I am making it all up.


I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised of people here :black_heart:
This is where the good girls come to take off their masks (if they still haven’t thrown them away) :smiling_imp:

That sounds very exciting to me and I would jump at the opportunity! :blush:
I saw a sigil in my dream once and asked about it here, it turned out it was a bind rune, and it was relevant to how I was feeling at the time.

I once woke up with some red marks on my forehead on the third eye spot, it was after a particularly powerful ritual the previous day, so not exactly from the dream. That’s as far as my experiences with physical signs go… maybe someone else here can tell you more, and offer advice on how to protect yourself or calm whatever the presence is. I would start by cleansing the bedroom with some sage, palo santo or dragon’s blood incense and see if that helps.

I believe you, and I’m sure everyone else here will too, people usually don’t come here if they haven’t started questioning things. I hope you find the answers you’re looking for :heart:


I don’t think I’ve ever had an inception-type dream…that’s really interesting! I wonder if there’s something you can do with that if you can develop your lucid dreaming skills! :thinking:

Part of what you described, though, sounds more like sleep paralysis, which is a terrifying experience on its own. It happens when there’s a disconnect between your brain and body during sleep - your body is away but your brain still thinks you’re sleeping, so it continues to dream. Often, in sleep paralysis, one can experience tactile, audible, and visual hallucinations because of the brain still dreaming! :astonished: It’s really scary, and I’ve had it happen to me before where I felt like someone wrapped their arms around me and just started to squeeze really hard!

I don’t really know how to stop it from happening on a mundane level, but there are different dream spells and pouches out there that could help. I’ll grab some links for you!


@marta Dreams can be many things and I’m no expert at interpretation. But I’ve had a few dreams that have included emblems and sigils and it turned out to be from my deity when we were first formally introducing ourselves to each other. Sometimes my dreams are just my mind/soul offloading a whole load of events, almost like a deep clean, and I let it flow. Other times there may be meaning. Keep a dream journal of the ones you remember, see if there’s any theme, or reaccuring dreams. Again, don’t be afraid. If our dreams are very active we can lash out at ourselves, maybe wear some soft gloves at night to protect yourself if you’re having a restless night. All in, try not to be afraid. Have a nice camomile tea before bed, a calming meditation (morning and evening Wiccan prayers on this app are great), and get yourself into a calm relaxed at peace state. Releasing the energy from the day can help aid your sleep. Here’s a link to another chat on here about Lucid dreaming
:star: Lucid Dreaming - How to Gain Control of Your Dreams
Stay safe lovely :sparkling_heart:


@MeganB I know that feeling. I get this reaccuring dream when I feel something heavy on my chest, sitting there and I break into a cold sweat, my intuition goes crazy telling me there’s a demon in my room. At first I was terrified, but as I’ve had this same experience over the years a number of times, with the same demon, I’ve learnt that it always comes after a stressful event (had same dream this week after my father in law’s incident), I now embrace the dream and demon for whats really happening, it’s an intense release of all the held in energy, so intense it burns and weighs on my chest. When it happened this time, I embraced the demon, I lay awake and said, I’m not afraid, we’ve met before. I relaxed my fear and it took all that tension away. Slept like a baby after. Sometimes I’d like fluffy unicorns to deal with stuff but that’s not in my stars, I always get the demons :joy:, but I’ve learnt to make friends with them and actually they’re pretty good at clearing away all my stresses and fears. :sparkling_heart:


I feel this is the way to deal with it too :heart:
I can recall a dream of being poisoned, and a dream paralysis where there was a blood sucking moth in the room… in both cases, acceptance was the key, it was the panic that was giving me pain there. After letting go, the upsetting imagery quickly went away too. What you resist persists.


haha fluffy unicorns instead of sleep demons would be amazing! :unicorn: :heart: I’m glad that you’ve been able to work through all that with the dream, though. It hasn’t happened to me since, so I don’t know what caused it :woman_shrugging:


Thank you all! It’s really cool not to be alone with it :slight_smile: I will try to follow everything you mentioned.



So true. It sounds crazy to embrace the demon, but it works. Fear I think is our biggest obstacle. Nicely put. :sparkling_heart:


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