Faerie Magic?

Ive been reading a couple books about Faerie magic and now I’m more confused than ever. One book says its not advisable to work with faeries, another says its fine and another has an actual set of rules.
I know that everyone walks the path differently, I just need a book thats going to give me facts and let me decide the rest lol.
So if anyone knows of any good books on Faerie magic please let me know. TIA :blush:


I have left offerings for fairies, but have never asked them for anything. I have only been a witch for 2 years and am cautious with fairies. I just want to keep them happy. Lol! :fairy:


I don’t have book to suggest but I can recommend an online course Celtic Faery Tradition taught by Danu Forest . It’s seven months of email correspondence and pdf lessons. She’s very knowledgeable and provides you with lots of feedback on your work and any questions you may have.


The first step in working with fairies is determining exactly which fairy you’re looking to work with. For example, fairies in Ireland or other Celtic countries are going to be very different than the Western idea of fairies.

Though it’s fairly basic, the Wikipedia page for classifications of fairies is a decent place to start. The only information on there that I know is incorrect is the Scottish fairy information about Seelie and Unseelie courts and the way they’re viewed. That is a more modern concept and isn’t found in any folklore.

Generally, Celtic fairies are seen as fickle beings. They aren’t malevolent or benevolent, but they do have their own agendas and don’t follow the laws of humans. Morgan Daimler is a great resource for Celtic Fae information, though generally their information is geared more toward Irish lore.

Western fairies are seen as nature spirits, benevolent entities that are always available to help those who ask. I can’t speak for the Western concept of fairies because I don’t have much experience there, but I can tell you that the word “fairy” is a very, very broad word that covers a lot of different categories of entities.

Here are some great posts to help you get started with Celtic fairies.

And if you’re ever interested in learning more about Irish fairies, Morgan Daimler teaches a class over at the Irish Pagan School. I haven’t taken it (yet) but Morgan’s work is 100% work I trust.


Ooooooo more reading YEAH :upside_down_face: I LOVE reading and learning so this is tight up my ally.
THANK YOU so much I’m going to read them now, while the house is still quiet.
Blessed be


You’re welcome! I hope it helps clarify some things - fairies are a very broad category of entity lol


I have a little Fae house in the garden, in the summer months I leave a little something if I sense they’ve been active for me, but I never say Thankyou, or make them feel obligated to me. I’ve no idea what kind of Fae they are, I live in the West Country England which is very Fae active, so they’re here. So far, very amiable. They keep to their business and I keep to mine. :grin:


I’d just make sure that you clarify you want fairies of love and light. As with people I heard there are good and bad.


It’s not necessarily that there are good and bad fairies. It’s more like… they aren’t human, and therefore they don’t follow our rules of what is good or bad. They usually have their own agendas and they don’t care if you get in their way. Some are more kind and benevolent than others, but they are still Otherworldly beings that are worthy of caution.


That makes sense. They are very interesting. Eventually when I get through other things. I’d like to read some on them. It was just an opinion I heard of an author. . :woman_fairy::woman_fairy::man_fairy:


I like this point, these are living beings, not energies etc, they have personalities of their own, and their own way of living. It’s good for us to remember not everything that lives in this universe follows our rules of life. :heartpulse:


It’s definitely a valid opinion! I’m not discounting that particular opinion - I just wanted to mention that the context of the author is important. Western fairies are going to be the more benevolent nature-spirit entities that are generally always willing to help out humans. Celtic fairies are very much not that :joy:

Exactly this. There are stories of the fairie parade… I can’t think of the right word right now, but Irish stories of the fae coming along a road and people being extra sure not to get in their way, or else they may be stolen away to the Otherworld!


They are very intriguing to say the least eventually I would not mind doing some research on them. Thanku @MeganB appreciate the info


@Devenne @jan_TheGreenWitch works with Fae alot. Maybe look up some of her posts on Fae.


I found some boooks on Kindle Unlimited and there are i think 7 different books on different faeries, Celtic, British etc. So eventually i will work through all thise books.
I had a look these are the books.
The Faery Lifecycle

Manx Faery’s

How Things Work in Faery

Faery Mysteries The Strange & Obscure in Faeryland

British Faerys

The Darker Side of Faery

Faeries and the Natural World

Who’s Who in Faeryland

all by

John Kruse
From what i have heard and read hes a pretty reliable author on Faeries.
Hope this helps with anyone wanting to know more about The Good Folk. ::heart:::blush:


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