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After sharing the pictures of a possible fairy ring of flowers in my front garden, I started to wonder about them because before now I had only heard of them being with mushrooms. After some more research, I found out that another type of ring is a necrotized zone of grass in a circle (dead grass), well I have a few of those in my front yard! I thought it was from voles but 2 are each around a hosta & the bleeding hearts beside them are growing… so everything is flourishing & the hostas are larger this year. I will have to take pictures tomorrow & add them to this post. A darker green ring in grassy areas is also considered a fairy ring.

3 Fairy Rings in the front of my house! I’m so excited! :star_struck:

According to folklore/fairy tales… these rings are said to be where fairies or elves were dancing in a circle under the moonlight. They do not take kindly to their dancing being interrupted & the punishment is to dance in the circle until you pass out from exhaustion, go mad, or die in the worst-case scenario but bad luck will befall you if you cross through a fairy ring of any type or size at the very least.

It has also been said that fairies use flowers to wear & use, and/or there is a fairy for each flower & that the fairy takes on the personality of the plant or flower that it is a part of its spirit.

For instance

  • Poisonous plants - mischievous fairies
  • Healing plants - compassionate fairies

To hurt the plant is to hurt the fairy, so you will in turn have bad luck.

I am trying to learn more about working with the fae & have been doing a lot of work with my gardens & plants. So for now, I am not going to rake up the grass around the hostas. I do have to transplant 2 of my bleeding heart plants that came up tiny this year. Our front yard is the full sun :sun: area & they like the shade. They are going under the oak in my backyard.

This brings me to plants said to be liked by the fairies. I will list the ones that I remember & link a website that goes into a more in-depth look at plants, herbs, and flowers that fairies enjoy. :woman_fairy:

  • Foxglove
  • Iris
  • Creeping Thyme
  • Boxwood
  • Daylilies (tall/short)
  • African Violets
  • Scotch Moss

I actually have a few of these flowers/plants in my yard or gardens. Without even knowing they were enjoyed by fairies also. I’m still going to start small & just take care of the areas around the rings as best I can until i can find out more about the rings in my yard :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


EDIT: Added Pictures


Thank you! Not only did I enjoy reading this, it also answered questions I didn’t know I had! I want to learn more!


You are very welcome! I’m certainly going to continue to find out more & will definitely add the pictures tomorrow. :smiling_face:


That’s amazing, Siofra! :star_struck: It sounds like your yard is a favorite party spot for the Fae- how cool :fairy: :heart:

This is so cute? Now I’m imagining fairy fashion based on different types of flowers, and how flower meanings would affect fashion choices. Really sweet to think of :heart_eyes:

Also makes me think that flowers nearby (not breaking or entering into the circle) could be a good option for an offering, if one wanted to please or win over the nearby Fae :thinking:

This was an awesome entry and a very fun read- thank you so much, @Siofra! :raised_hands: :two_hearts:


@Siofra fairy rings in your yard are awesome, all I have are snails. Lots and lots of snails. :snail: :snail: :snail: :snail:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry sounds like we were having the same images of flower fashion :smile:

@JollyStar we have very few snails here, but if I walk to the right of way, I can get little hermit crabs from the ocean! :ocean:


This is fascinating to me. I saw your pics of your fairy rings, you’re very lucky!


I actually just came inside so I added the other 2 rings & the small 1 that I just noticed & this is the ring of daylilies that I planted to keep the front enclosed by flowers & since have been really selective of what goes in there. Not so much where but if it’s a plant or flower type of thing. Inside the ring is hostas, daisies, irises, a lilac bush, rose of Sharon bush, dahlia, & hibiscus.

& this is the area where there was a bunny nest & momma came to pick up her babies so now it’s empty right on the left bottom side of the bird bath (don’t mind the weed… I am working on those & pulling rocks from the edge of the driveway ring :laughing:


Oh my goodness. That is so awesome :+1::heart:


@JollyStar …Salt Darlin’ and as they melt they whine “What a world, What
a world…”


@JollyStar I do believe that @jessica72 has a plethora of snails also! She spends time with them in her garden, yard, driveway :heartpulse:


It’s lovely!


Ooooo yes indeedy I do spend time with my little snail buddies. In the wet weather I do a snail rescue and relocate mission on my driveway before I leave for work i the morning so nobody gets smushed. This morning we have had the first rain in weeks and the total was 37 little friends :snail:


Wow, that’s a lot of little friends! :snail: :laughing:


I’m so happy that your rescue mission went well!

I just got my bird friends to come back to our yard. We have orange slices out for the orioles & for Mother’s Day, my husband & daughter got me a squirrel-resistant bird feeder that looks like a red barn! Now the little birds : bird: & cardinals & bluejays are back too. I have seen blackbirds but the crows :raven: haven’t been around lately.

Speaking of the bird feeder… so somehow the 1 persistent squirrel managed to get to the top of the shepherd’s hook even though it had Crisco on it, but at the top of the hook… there’s enough fur for a small hat & a bald spot somewhere on this squirrel. The feeder is definitely squirrel resistant though, he can’t get any because the “door” shuts as soon as his little hand touches the perch. :rofl: It’s fun to watch him try & then swing from it & drop. I’m glad I put it on the lower side so it’s not a far drop though.

The mourning doves just wander around looking at him eating the seed from the ground & just kind of hanging out. They are pretty funny too when it’s just those 2 at the feeder.