Favorite Bath and Body Soaps, Lotions, etc

I found some Dr. Teal supplies at my local Walmart. Which is never in stock! It’s lavender with epsom salts and the aroma is amazing. Since I just got home from a hard day at work, I’m going to soak in this delicious lather and then cast my first Dark Moon spell tonite.

I highly recommend Dr. Teal products! I’d love any other recommendations of soaps and lotions, etc. that you love before your spell work or “me” time. I am also a Bath & Body Works fan.


Nice! Great find… We don’t have Walmart here in Australia but we do have Costco which i find too large for my own singular needs so i tend to stick with more local items if i can. I found these soaps by ‘Scents of Nature’ which is made in Australia to be great. They have all different natural soaps such as Lavender, Watermelon, goats soap and even Marshmallow scents too which are relitively cheap and i was able to get 5 soaps for $10 at my local chemist! Another one of my favours is Lux- Magical Spell Body wash which smells divine and also inexpensive around $5 at my local store


@kelly30 I have used Dr. Teal… & that is a great soak combination with the lavender. I think I can use that or make something similar for foot soaks or things I do to prepare for any workings or just because I feel like I need some time to myself :laughing: (I have 3 kids of my own, nevermind the other 4 that call me Ma or Mom :rofl: & the there’s my fur baby & husband… which can be like a somewhat larger teenager)


Ohhhh! I’m pretty sure I had a shampoo by Dr.Teal’s at one point that I really liked- this body wash sounds amazing! I like that it has Epsom salt in it :blush::salt:

Thanks so much for sharing, @kelly30! Blessed be! :bathtub: :sparkles:


I love Dr. Teal, and i will look for the lavender variety. Thanks for sharing. Here in the US, there are some castile soaps that are from Doctor Bronner. The peppermint one was the original, but they now have several scents…lavender, rose, almond, unscented…they can be a little pricey, but a teeny bit goes a long way! I have found them in stores like Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, health food stores. They also sell bar versions along with liquid versions. Enjoy!


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