Feather Spells?

Help again ! I’d like to know , do you have any spells jar recipes / rituals do to with feathers ? I was walking my dog around my yard yesterday and I’ve found a lot of small grey feathers ! What is the significance of feathers in wicca ?


What does it mean when you find a grey feather?

  • This is the color of neutrality and transformation. These feathers are a call to peace and introspection. Finding a grey feather could mean you need to take a step back from the path or decision you may have made. Grey feathers guide you to make the right decisions.
    The Meaning of Different Colors of Feathers – B.M.W

I don’t use them in spells but I keep a jar that I put them in. I have a pair of doves that have been leaving me feathers on thanks for feeding them. I keep them on my altar as a representation of air.



One of my friends collects them, and she has a lot of them! She calls them her “Angel feathers!” :slightly_smiling_face:


@Garnet Thanks so much for sharing the link, great info!


@MidnightVixxen Here’s a link just in case you feel the need to clean them:

Regarding the meaning and symbolism of feathers, here’s a helpful topic by @berta:

In your meditations or spells, you can use feathers to represent the element Air. This is the element that provides energy directed towards communication and connection. After all feathers represent birds and angels, the entities that connect Earth and Sky.

In a spell, feathers can also represent things such as the mind, intellect, communication, relationships and the soul.

Based on that and on your needs you can craft your own spell depending on your intention. For example here’s a spell with a feather for students. Written by Lily Gardner for Llewellyn:


I do similar. Not long after my angel pup Bruiser passed away I started seeing feathers everywhere and I take them as a sign that he’s still with me watching over me. It was the anniversary of his death on Monday and I saw so many of them on my way to the train station, it was like “Mum, don’t forget me, okay?”


You can use them on your altar for the air element. I also collect them in a jar like @jessica55 does :blush:


I found this bird wing on a walk with the dog (blurred for those who don’t wish to see)

I’ve dried them out for over a month in salt so should now last.

I don’t like to see things go to waste, and have thanked the bird for allowing me to use their wing on my altar.


@IrisW, I am the same way! I found a crab’s claw (blurred just in case) last time we were at the beach. I dried it and placed it on Hades’ altar.