February, the month of love

I feel that the month of February is all about love. Every where you go there are hearts all around. This month has always been a special month for me. My family is full of Aquarius’s. My beautiful mother was born on Valentines Day. My only son was born on February 15. My grandmother and cousin were born on February 9th, and I was born on February 6th. This year for my birthday I am going to create a self-love jar. I haven’t created one in a few years and feel it’s time to give myself some love. I decided to share because we all could use some self-love and what better time then the month of February!

I found this on a website at https://countryheartandhome.com/ I changed a few things in the ingredients with what I have on hand.

Glass Jar with lid

Brown sugar – to add a little sweetness (I think we all need to be a little sweeter to ourselves).

Rose petals – not only good for self- love but attracting things to you.

Pink Himalayan Salt – Salt is known for its protective and purifying nature.

Lavender – calming and is great for heightening awareness. Also, to rid anxiety.

Hibiscus Flowers – for attraction and helping with dreams.

Rosemary - Stops gossip and is great for the memory.

Bay Leaves – Write your intentions or mantra on the leaves (I am strong, I am beautiful etc).

Cinnamon – perfect for getting rid of negative energy and ‘warming up’ your own power.

Rose Quartz – to help open your heart and create feelings of peace.

Pink Candle – To seal the jar.

Light some incense and take a few deep breaths before placing all your items into a jar. The size will depend on how powerful you want it or if you want to carry it with you.

As you add each item say either out loud or to yourself what you hope to gain or are wanting from the item.

‘I add this lavender to help ease my anxiety and give me a sense of calm’

With the bay leaves I like to use a permanent marker and write clear directions.



This sets the intention solidly and you are not asking for permission. The words are declaring that you have got this and it is true!

After all of the items have been added you need to seal the spell. Light the candle and allow the wax to drip down the sides of the jar/bottle to form a wax seal. While still wet I like to place the crystal, in this case rose quartz, into the wax.

Hold the jar in your hands and feel the positivity you just created. Place onto your alter or work desk where you will see it regularly. When you feel the need for a little pick me up, hold it and feel the good vibes flow.

This is going to be my ritual for Tuesday and I may do it every year on my birthday. We all need more self-love.

Sending love and light to all you beautiful witches,



Perfect timing and so lovely! I certainly need to up my self-love/self-care tank. The holidays always are stressful for me and January carried a lot of weight and pressure.

This sounds gorgeous and I’ve put it on my To Do list for tomorrow! :pink_heart:


That’s awesome @Artemisia! Send a pic when you get it done. I’m doing mine on Tuesday. :jar: :heart: :magic_wand:


I have these little heart shaped bottles and I was going to use one for this. I was looking at my under the bed bottle collection and found this pretty bottle with hand painted flowers. This will be perfect!


I love this!! I may make a jar after my Sunday self care soak!


That sounds perfect! :bath:


It’s my favorite part of Sunday!


Oh @Ostara this is wonderful! I also haven’t done 1 in quite some time. Traditionally February 11 - 14 are some harder days for me, but you’ve given me a new perspective on handling that time this year. :revolving_hearts:

Thank you for sharing & I have a jar :jar: & another something I can plan during those days :hugs:


Mondays are often difficult for me as my weekends are busy with people, activities, and work. I start my week worn out and sore.

So I’m taking a bit of personal time again today with some yoga and meditation. I was inspired to create my Self Love :two_hearts: bottle.

I also found a deck I haven’t looked at yet that I got from a friend who was rehoming her tarot and other divination decks. The Lover’s Tarot by Jane Lyle. I pulled out the Sun as that felt like it fit the ritual perfectly.

I didn’t have hibiscus petals. I chose to use some dark brown sugar crystals and melted red, white, and pink candles simultaneously to seal the bottle. I was feeling a bit creative.

Thank you for sharing this, It was a lovely way to start my week off right!


@Artemisia Beautiful photos :green_heart:


I love it @Artemisia! Thank you for sharing the pics. The sky is so blue and beautiful! :people_hugging:


@Artemisia that’s a great bottle & it looks lovely :heart_eyes:

I’m looking forward to being able to do something like this in a few days :hugs:


I have some hard days in February to, especially my Mom’s birthday.

I’m getting all my stuff together so I can get the spell done first thing in the morning before work. Tomorrow’s my day to work from home, but I don’t want to stop the spell so I can take care of an email. Lol! I really need to organize again. I have so much stuff, it’s hard to find what I need!

Hubby just told me my daughter is coming by to surprise me tomorrow. I guess she doesn’t realize I have to work. I may not get the jar done until after work. Lol!


I have to do this too! As much as I got organized, there are still some things that I have to go through & put away or find :laughing:

I completely understand; those days are also hard for me. I have some passed loved ones with whom I have hard days during the same times. :people_hugging:

My days coming up are due to a family member passing & I was not able to attend services or anything because my infant son at the time was in the hospital.


That’s heartbreaking @Susurrus. Hopefully the self love bottle will bring you some peace. :people_hugging:


Wow beautiful pics


Thankyou for sharing this I think I’ll do it tomorrow could def use the self love always. I’ve got a couple large spell jars that I’d love to use. I’ll share it when I get to it

Blessed be @Ostara


My self love bottle is done for 2024! I used a double sided sticky mount for the rose quartz on the top. We will see if it holds.


Absolutely gorgeous! :jar: :two_hearts: :blush:


Thank you @BryWisteria!