Feeling tired and exhausted post ritual

Tonight I did a ritual invoking Frigg and with then intention of finding a place to rent as my finances begin straightening themselves out and I had a couple of really promising signs appear mid ritual and immediately following completion I felt confident, hopefully and relieved and obviously proud of my work but it was extremely short lived because within half an hour later I’m exhausted and sleepy and feeling drained. Any ideas? I’ve been tired like this the day after casting a spell a couple of times but not this soon after.


That’s normal!!! There’s a post about that but I can’t find it. :grimacing: But it basically says to take a nap if needed, eat/drink a little something. I get it every time I do spell work!!! It’s draining!! Literally. Feel better :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Huh. You may need to ground and center. Grounding isn’t just for excess energy, it’s for when you don’t have enough too! You can draw up the energy of the Earth to help you.

But otherwise, it’s like @christina4 said, eat, have some tea with lots of sugar. Maybe some chocolate. Get some rest. That’s why a lot of rituals with groups have a cake and ale portion of their rituals.


Greetings @phoenix_dawn!

I personally believe you can tell how a spell went by how you feel immediately afterwards- and it sounds like you had some very positive signs of success, congrats! :sparkles:

The heavy and tired feelings afterwards sound a lot like Spellwork Burnout. Christina and Amethyst offered some great advice, and I think the post Christina was talking about is this one here:

There’s some great advice there for how to deal with post spellwork exhuastion. I also recommend following up with some self-care work (aka- pamper yourself! :blush:) like the Self-Love Break Spell. Also a nice bath or shower with some herbal soap or bath salts goes a long way :bathtub: :sparkles:

Everyone finds their own favorite ways to unwind or refresh after spellwork- I’m sure you’ll find things that work for you!

Good luck and blessed be! :heart:


Hello @phoenix_dawn

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. This is very normal that you are feeling exhausted after performing a ritual. This is called “Magical Exhaustion”. When you are performing a ritual, then you are using the energy within you. So, your energy level is decreasing. So, until you feel fully energetic, take a rest and do not perform any magic. If you are tired and going to perform some magic or divination, then that may give you a wrong/unintended outcome.

Good luck. @anneshakargupta