Finding balance

Hello lovelies

I know its been a while since ive been here so much has been going on in my little world. Which brings me to my next point how do you find time or balance to manage your witchy rituals and spritual practices and balancing everyday life like going to work, gym etc.

I often find this a real struggle and i get overwhelmed. Id like to incorporate my faith and spirituality more daily then just for certain sabbats etc or when i finally have a day to myself. I find some of the wiccan books ive read to be very eloborate and time consuming and i find having done alot of shift work im just exhausted by the time i come home yet alone do anything eloborate so im wondering if theres a simplier way of doing things. Id love to hear how you guys manage things. What your routines are and where you are on your path.

P.s for those who have spoken to me before heres a life update. I’ve moved apartments and live in the city. Got a better job. And got my ex back who im still very much in love with and things are going well.


I find the easiest thing to do is to incorporate magick into the things I’m already doing. Like when you stir your morning coffee do it either clockwise to bring in positive intentions or counter clockwise to ward off negativity. You can add glamour magick and beauty charms to your skin care/makeup/hair. You can carry crystals and talismans and wear outfits in colours corresponding to colour magicks. When you bathe or shower you can do so with intention~using a bottom to top (toe to head) washing motion to draw in good and top to bottom (head to toe) to banish negativity. Listen to curated magickal playlists. Remain grounded and in the present moment. See the beauty in the everyday.
Mediate~even if it’s just a minute a day (I use this super easy inhale chanting blessed exhale chanting be to focus on manifestation meditations, with the intent and feeling of what it’s like to have that life I’m creating)
Sorry I’m getting carried away :joy_cat::black_heart:


Congrats on the good stuff that’s happening in your life! I take it you wanted to move?

@AliceInWonderdab is right, make magic out of the stuff you already do. It’s not all big rituals and circles, it’s the little everyday things.


@AliceInWonderdab gave you a great list of practical ideas! :crystal_ball:

Another way would be adding some Magick to your hobbies or usual activities: Add symbolism to things that come your way, and make spells for mundane things such as finding a lost object, or when you’re running late, or to avoid overspending, etc.

And, like Kasie mentioned, your ritual doesn’t have to be a long and involved process, or use any specific words/tools, Witchcraft is mostly intention. For example, your intention could be to relax and unwind.

Final tip: even if you are dealing with very elaborate rituals, Make the Time! :mantelpiece_clock: After all, “Action expresses priorities”


Welcome back, @kira-marie! :heart:

It is always wonderful to hear from you- congrats on all of the good things in your life! It sounds like you are enjoying many blessings, I’m so happy for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Others have shared some great advice- incorporating witchiness into your daily routine requires a little creativity, but it is usually easier than you think! :sparkles:

@MeganB shared some great advice about incorporating Magick in the Mundane and @Silverbear’s Compilation of Quick Witchy Hacks has some fantastic ways to add magick to your routine :grin:

Wishing you the best of luck, Kira-marie! Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Thanks for giving us an update. Glad you’re ok. Like others say, it doesn’t have to be big rituals. It could be as easy as stirring your coffee/tea.


Thanks lovelies I’ll definitely look more into this and update with what I find works for me. :slight_smile: