Compilation of Quick Witchy Hacks

Do you have any quick witchy hacks to add?? Let’s hear some ideas!


Love the toothpaste intension and the seed paper… All are great ideas… will need to watch a few times to catch them all. THANKS SO MUCH @SilverBear – you always post such wonderful videos!


This is loaded with great tips and hacks- my personal favorite will always be doing a little blessing/gratitude meditation over a cup of tea/coffee! :coffee: But the key unlocking new opportunities is a close second! :old_key: :grin:

I love these small but powerful ways to add a little extra magick into the day :sparkles:

Thanks so much for sharing, @Silverbear- this is a great collection of advice!

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These are great!! I would have never thought about using a perfume rollerball for sigils on the skin! Great tip!! And the key visualization - :relieved: